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-OESoftware Engineeringan ending that generally means Operating Environment -
1337blogs, Internet Gaming, odd stuff (not an acronym), slangPronounced "leet", means "elite", also spelled "l33t" . -
1NFRelational DatabasesFirst Normal Form -
1xRTTRadio Telephony, Wireless Networking1x (single-carrier) Radio Transmission Technology - a CDMA technology, aka "2.5G" that offers faster voice and data speeds than IS-95 .
2GRadio Telephony, Wireless Networking2nd Generation - Second Generation
2NFRelational DatabasesSecond Normal Form -
2PCDatabasesTwo-Phase Commit -
3DESNetwork Engineering3x Data Encryption Standard - a 168-bit encryption (see DES)
3GRadio Telephony, Wireless Networking3rd Generation - Second Generation
3GPPRadio Telephony, Wireless Networking3rd Generation Partnership Project - a 3rd Generation technology project that resulted in the creation of the specifications for, the UTMS system.
3NFRelational DatabasesThird Normal Form -
AANCR OrganizationAdministrative Assistant -
AAATI, Computer Gaming, Computer Graphics, Computer Video, NVidiaAnti-Aliasing -
AAAIETF, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPAuthentication, Authorization and Accounting - a category of requirements for most network/communications protocols now under development (2004)
AAFMulti-Media FormatsAdvanced Authoring Format -
AAFEngineeringAutomated Analysis Facility -
AALATM Communications ProtocolATM Adaptation Layer -
ABROSE NetworkingArea Border Router -
ACElectrical EngineeringAlternating Current -
AC-3Audio EngineeringA surround-sound encoding developed by Dolby, supports 5 channels and a non-directional subwoofer. Also known as Dolby Digital -
ACDTelephony EngineeringAutomatic Call Distributor - a CTI feature which routes incoming calls to a (one of) specific group of telephones, e.g. a sales group
ACDTApple Computer CertificationApple Certified Desktop Technician -
ACHDSApple Computer CertificationApple Certified Help Desk Specialist -
ACIDMarketingAutomaticity Consistency Integrity Durability - a.k.a. the ACID test
ACISTelephony EngineeringAutomatic Customer/Caller Identification -
ACLBluetooth, NetworkingAsynchronous Connectionless Link -
ACLSecurityAccess Control List - list of who or what can access something
ACPIBIOS, Motherboards, PC HardwareAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface - a feature of some computer motherboard BIOS' which ensnles the operating system to control certain hardware functions, especially having to to with power.
ACPTApple Computer CertificationApple Certified Portable Technician -
ACSTelephony EngineeringAutomatic Call Sequencer -
ACSAApple Computer CertificationApple Certified Systems Administrator -
ACTCApple Computer CertificationApple Certified Technical Coordinator -
ActiveMQCommunications Protocols, Internet, Internet Protocols, Network Protocolsa message broker from Apache - a product, not an acronym.
OrganizationRetail Solutions Group -
ADNCR MarketingAccount Director -
ADEEngineeringApplication Development Environment -
ADECNational Science FoundationAmerican Distance Education Consortium - check out AISEP on the internet.
ADMEngineeringAmp Disk Module -
ADOSoftware EngineeringActive Data Objects (Microsoft) -
ADSLNetwork ProtocolAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line -
AEPApple NetworkingAppleTalk Echo Protocol -
AESNetworking EncryptionAdvanced Encryption Standard - a (more) secure 256-bit encryption standard from NIST
AES-CCMPNetworking EncryptionAdvanced Encryption Standard - Counter Mode CBC-MAC Protocol - a secure 256-bit encryption standard from NIST designed specifically for wireless networks.
AFIOSI NetworkAuthority and Format Identifier - one byte in a NSAP
AFMEngineeringAutomated Fault Management -
AFPApple, Macintosh, NetworkingApple Filesharing Protocol - A network file-sharing protocol; the successor to AppleTalk
AFRATI, Computer Gaming, Computer Graphics, Computer Video, NVidiaAlternative Frame Rendering -
AFSData StorageAndrew File System - A scalable, distributed file system available from Transarc
AHNetworkingAuthentication Header - used in IPSec, largely for historical reasons
AH-ESPNetworkingAuthentication Header - Encapsulating Security Payload
AICPAStandards OrganizationsAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants -
AINNANP, NPAC, Telecommunications ArchitecturesAdvanced Intelligent Network -
AISEPNational Science FoundationAdvanced Internet Satellite Extension Project - an NSF project under the American Distance Education Consortium
AIXIBM, Operating SystemsAdvanced Interactive eXecutive - IBM's UNIX-like operating system
akaCommon AbbreviationsAlso Known As -
ALCSInternational Business MachinesAirLine Control System - an IBM TPF solution for airline ticketing
AMNetworking, RadioAmplitude Modulation - adding a signal (information) to a (radio frequency) carrier by varying the strength or power of the carrier.
AMCHardware EngineeringASIC Memory Controller -
AMDChips, Computers, CPU, PC, Processors, SemiconductorsAdvanced Micro Devices - the original name, although AMD may be the current name.
AMPNCR ManagementAdvanced Management Program -
AMPNCR 5100, NCR TeradataAccess Module Processor -
AMPSCell Phones, Mobile Phones, TelecommunicationsAdvanced Mobile Phone Service -
AMQP"chips", "chips", AccessAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol -
ANITelephony EngineeringAutomatic Number Identification - provides incoming caller's number at time of call or on monthly bill
ANNArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Neural Network -
ANSIEngineering SpecificationsAmerican National Standards Institute -
ANSIRUS Federal Bureau of InvestigationAwareness of National Security Issues and Response program, a federal information initiative. -
AONApplication Layer, NetworkingApplication-Oriented Networking - a Cisco software product that uses IOS
APNetworkingAccess Point -
APSoftware Engineering, UNIXApplication Processor -
APTelephony EngineeringAdjunct/Applications Processor - a computer connected to a telephone switch which provides additional capability
APCComputer Controlled Machine ToolsAutomated Pallet Cell -
APIEngineeringApplications Programming Interface -
APLSoftware EngineeringApplications Programming Language -
APLProgramming LanguagesA Programming Language - a specific programming language characterized by functions which have character stream input and output
APOPNetworkingAdvanced Peer-to-Peer Network -
APPEngineering?[found used with MPP but not translated] Associatively Parallel Processing? -
APPNTelephony EngineeringAdjunct/Applications Processor - a computer connected to a telephone switch which provides additional capability
APSIBM Mainframe SystemsAccounts Payable System -
APTComputer Numeric Control, Machine ToolsAutomatic Programmed Tools - language used to program machine tools
ARCNCR Teradata AdministrationARchive ReCovery -
AREEngineeringActive Redundancy Environment -
areaNetworkinga sub-domain; a well-defined subdivision of a domain -
ARGInternet GamingAlternate Reality Game -
ARIMarketingArea Ready to Install - an area (Europe, North America, etc.) which has support in place for system installations.
ARLLDisk DrivesAdvanced Run Length Limited - see RLL. Enhanced RLL scheme allows limiting runs of zeros to 1 to 7 or 3 to 9. More complex but more powerful than RLL.
ARPData Link Layer, Networking, TCP/IPAddress Resolution Protocol - -
ARSMarketingArea Ready to Sell - an area (Europe, North America, etc.) in which a product is ready to be sold
ASEngineeringAdministration Station -
AS/UProduct[see ASU] -
AS2EDIINT, Electronic Data Interchange, IETF, S/MIMEApplicability Statement 1 -
AS2EDIINT, Electronic Data Interchange, IETF, S/MIMEApplicability Statement 2 -
ASARRADAR ElectronicsAdvanced Synthetic Aperture RADAR -
ASCIUS Government Development ProgramsAccelerated Strategic Computing Initiative -
ASCIIDigital Data EncodingAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange -
ASDSoftware EngineeringApplications Status Display -
ASEMarketingAccount String Expansion -
ASFNCR Computer MarketingArchive Storage Facility -
ASFMulti-Media FormatsAdvanced Streaming Format -
ASFSoftware EngineeringActiveX Streaming Format -
ASICEngineeringApplication Specific Integrated Circuit -
ASMOElectronic Media EngineeringAdvanced Storage Magneto Optical -
ASMPComputer EngineeringAsymmetric MultiProcessing -
ASNSCSI II Standard SpecificationASynchronous event Notification - This function compensates for a deficiency in the original SCSI which did not permit a target to advise the initiator of asynchronous events such as a cartridge being loaded into a tape drive.
ASPApple NetworkingAppleTalk Session Protocol -
ASPMicrosoft ProductsActive Server Pages - a feature of MS IIS: a built-in scripting language
ASPTelecommunications IndustryApplications Service Provider -
ASUProductAdvanced Server for UNIX - (early NT) a product for UNIX which makes the system look like an NT server.
ATIBM, Marketing, PCAdvanced Technology - as in PC AT, IBM PC AT or IBM AT, the next generation of IBM PC after the PC AT, it was released in 1984
ATAComputer Hardware, Hard Drives, IDEAT Attachment - an enhancement of the IDE specification, "AT" probably comes from IBM "AT" type PC.
ATAInternet Telephony, Skype, VoIPAnalog Telephone Adapter -
ATAPIEngineeringAT Attachment Packet Interface - an enhancement of the IDE specification
ATLComputer Systems Architecture, EngineeringAutomated Tape Library -
ATLMicrosoft Software DevelopmentActive Template Library -
ATMCommunications ProtocolAsynchronous Transfer Mode -
ATPApple NetworkingAppleTalk Transaction Protocol -
ATRTelecommunicationsAttenuation to Cross-talk Ratio -
ATTCorporationsAmerican Telephone and Telegraph - better known as "AT&T"
AUINCR Parallel Server EngineeringAttachment Unit Interface -
AVIMulti-Media FormatsAudio-Video Interleaved -
AVMMarketingAutomatic Vending Machine -
AWCComputer Controlled Machine ToolsAutomated Work-Changer -
AWSEngineeringAdministrative WorkStation -
B2BBusinessBusiness to Business -
BAEngineeringBattery -
BBCRadio and Televison BroadcastingBritish Broadcasting Corporation -
BBSEngineeringBulletin Board System -
BCCNCR OrganizationBusiness Critical Computing -
BDCNetworkingBackup Domain Controller - see also PDC
BDLNCR Parallel Systems EngineeringBYNET Data Link -
BEAMRoboticsBiology, Aesthetics, Electronics and Mechanics -
BGMPInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPBorder Gateway Multicast Protocol -
BGPInternet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IPBorder Gateway Protocol - a TCP/IP inter-domain routing protocol which enables routers to exchange network reachability information.
BGP-4Internet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IPBorder Gateway Protocol version 4 -
BIManagementBusiness Information -
BIBusiness, Business ComputingBusiness Intelligence -
BIOSEngineeringBasic Input/Output System -
BISNCR Parallel Systems EngineeringBYNET Interconnect System -
Bisynchcommunications Protocol (IBM, Legacy)Binary Synchronous Protocol, a.k.a Multi-leaving -
BIUNCR Parallel Systems EngineeringBattery Interface Unit -
BLTelephony EngineeringBusiness Line -
BLMNCR Parallel Systems EngineeringBYNET Link Manager -
blog(not an acronym) Internetshort for "web log", an on-line journal usually with daily entries and often with more than one contributor. -
BluetoothWireless Networkswireless connection for cell phones, computer accessories -
BMCANCR Parallel Systems EngineeringBYNET Micro-Channel Adapter -
BNEPNetworkingBluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol -
BNUEngineeringBasic Network Utilities -
BOCTelecommunicationsBell Operating Company - aka RBOC a company formed as a result of the AT&T divestiture.
BOF, BoFIETFBirds-Of-a-Feather - used to describe groups of persons working on different projects who have a common interest in a project not their own.
BOMAccountingBill Of Materials -
BOMManagementBusiness Object Model -
BOOTPNetworkingBOOTstrap Protocol -
botAutomation, Computer Programsshort for roBOT - a computer program or programmed machine which performs a repetitive process automatically. Usually the process is simple and easily understood.
BPIBusiness SystemsBusiness Process Integration - see also EAI.
BPMbusiness operationBusiness Process Management -
BPSKNetworkingBiPhase Shift Keying -
BRANNetworkingBroadband Radio Access Network -
BREWCell Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, TelephonyBinary Runtime Environment for Wireless - a method of downloading applications, graphics and ringtones to CDMA mobile phones from a personal computer. A BREW component on the service provider's server can manage billing for downloads from the cellular network. Also see J2ME
BRGNCR Meta-OrganizationBusiness Resource Group - recognized within NCR as part of our commitment to creating and sustaining an environment in which everyone can achieve his/her full potential.
BRMLInternet, WWWBusiness Rules Markup Language -
BRMSInformation TechnologyBusiness Rules Management System, aka Rulebase or a Rule-Based System. -
BSTelecommunications EngineeringBell South -
BSSNetworkingBasic Service Set - (IEEE 802.11)
BTEQDataBaseBatch/Basic Teradata Query facility -
BTWElectronic Mail AbbreviationsBy The Way -
BYA16XNCR EngineeringBynet for up to 16 SMP -
BYA32XNCR EngineeringBynet for up to 128 SMP (release 2) -
BYA4PNCR EngineeringBynet for Eveready -
BYNETNCR MPP EngineeringBanYan topology NETwork - used to connect multiple processor nodes in NCR MPP products
CAInternet, Network SecurityCertification Authority - a third party which issues and revokes certificates.
CAAstronomyClosest Approach to Earth -
CAEngineeringCable Adapter -
CABEngineeringCabinet -
CACAsynchronous Transfer ModeConnection Admission Control -
CADComputer Applications, DraftingComputer Aided Design -
CAPEncoding, TelecommunicationsCarrier Amplitude Phase -
captchaComputer Security, SPAMCompletely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart - a test which can easily be solved by humans but is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be solved by a computer. Used to foil "spam bots" from harvesting email addresses from the web.
CAT5NetworkingCategory 5 - a standard for twisted pair cabling.
CBA-IBISoftware Engineering InstituteCapability maturity model Based Appraisal-Internal Process Improvement -
CBCNetworking EncryptionCipher Block Chaining - an block encryption method in which each subsequent encrypted block is XOR'd with the previous block.
CBNEngineeringCustomer Business Needs -
CC-NUMAComputer ArchitectureCache Coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access -
CCCNCR OrganizationalClosed Circuit Conference - a.k.a. a Wormhole, conference or the conference room which has an on-line closed circuit television connection to the same at another NCR site with the United States.
CCDSolid State DevicesCharge-Coupled Device -
CCFLLCD Panels, Manufacturing and Technology, monitorsCold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp -
CCINCR MPP EngineeringComplex Control Interface -
CCIAElectronics IndustryComputer and Communications Industry Association -
CCITTEngineeringInternational Consultative Committee for Telephony and Telegraphy -
CCKNetworkingComplimentary Code Keying - an IEEE802.11b modulation method
ccNUMAComputer Architecturecache coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access -
CCSTelecommunications, Telephone ServicesCommon Channel Signaling -
CDAudio/Music and Computer EngineeringCompact Disk - also used for CD-ROM
CD-RComputer EngineeringCompact Disk Recordable - a WORM device
CDESoftware StandardCommon Desktop Environment -
CDFWeb Authoring, XMLChannel Definition Format -
CDMACell Phones, Mobile Phones, TelecommunicationsCode Division Multiple Access -
CDRComputer EngineeringCD-ROM -
CDRTelephony EngineeringCall Detail Recording - process which records the details of a telephone call
CDSAComputer SecurityCommon Data Security Architecture -
CECulture, OrganizationCustomer Engineer (formerly, Field Engineer) -
CeBITMarketingwelt-CEntrum der Büro- und InformationsTechnik - world Center of Office and Information Technology
CECEngineeringCentral Electronic Complex -
CEOManagementChief Executive Officer -
CESDISTechnical ResearchCenter of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences - an organization operated by Universities Space Research Association under contract to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
CEUNCR MarketingCustomer Evaluation Unit -
CFMMarketingConfiguration File Management -
CFOOrganizationChief Financial Officer -
CFSEngineeringCluster File System -
CFSOrganizationCustomer Focused Solutions -
CFTOrganizationCustomer Focus Team -
CGIWeb Authoring/DTPCommon Gateway Interface -
CHAPNetworkingChallenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (also: MS-CHAP) -
CHSComputer Hardware, Disks, Hard DrivesCylinder-Head-Sector - aka LBA, a feature of EIDE (distinguishing it from IDE) which allows logical or virtual sector addressing.
CIACU.S. Department of EnergyComputer Incident Advisory Capability -
CICSIBM ProductCustomer Information Control System -
CIFSolid-State/Hardware EngineeringChip In FaBRication -
CIFATM, TelecommunicationsCells in Frames - ATM with variable length packets. Reduces ATM overhead from 25-35% to 5%
CIFSData Storage, Microsoft, Networking, SoftwareCommon Internet File System -
CIGSSBattlespace, Defense, Intelligence, Military, SecurityCommon Imagery Ground/Surface System - part of IMINT architecture.
CIOChief Information Officer - the person responsible for the Information Technology of a company or corporation.
CISOrganizationCustomer Information Services -
CITNCR Firmware EngineeringComponent Interoperability Testing - pronounced "sit", a testing milestone described as between unit test and FIT
CLDCE RPC protocolsConnectionLess -
CLASSTelecommunicationsCustom Local Area Signaling Services - premium services offered by CLECs and BOCs such as call forwarding, caller ID and automatic callback.
CLCNCR 5100Cabinet Level Controller -
CLCAEngineeringClosed Loop Corrective Action -
CLECTelecommunications IndustryCompetitive Local Exchange Carriers -
CLISoftware DevelopmentCall Level Interface - the syntax protocol used in programming language source or binary to call library subroutines, functions or system calls.
CLIDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemCommand Language Interface - generic term. See definition below.
CLILinux, Operating Systems, Unix, WindowsCommand Line Interface - the text-based command and applications interface usually used by typing text into a hardware text-based terminal (interface) or a window-simulated terminal or text window in a GUI environment.
CLICellular Phones, Telecommunications, Telephones, VoIPCalling Line Identifier - also known as the "Caller ID" service
CLIPSBusiness Rules, Information Technology, NASA, OPSC Language Interface for Production Systems. See also JESS, OPS -
CLNPOSI Networking ProtocolConnectionLess Network Protocol (ISO 8473) -
CLNSOSI Networking ServiceConnectionLess Network Service -
CLPAsynchronous Transfer ModeCell Loss Priority -
CMEAstronomyCoronal Mass Ejection -
CMICNCR 5100 EngineeringCabinet Management Interface Controller - a 486-based PC system used to configure and boot a 5100 and its RAID. Also known as the AWS Interface Module
CMIPNetwork ProtocolCommon Management Information Protocol -
CMLWeb Authoring, XMLChemical Markup Language -
CMMCarnegie-Mellon Software Engineering InstituteCapability Maturity Model -
CMMComputer Controlled Machine ToolsCoordinate Measuring Machine -
CMNSOSI Networking ServiceConnection-Mode Network Service -
CMOSSemiconductor Chip FaBRicationComplimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor -
CMSEngineeringConversational Monitoring System -
CMSNCR Computer EngineeringCable Management System - cabinet cabling kit required for LifeKeeper 35XX clusters; improves appearance, expandability. (feature kit# 4850-K795)
CMTSBroadbandCable Modem Termination System - a device in an ISP network for the distribution of broadband internet services.
CMVCSoftware Development Tools (IBM)Configuration Management Version Control -
CNAMTelecommunications, Telephone ServicesCaller id with a NAMe -
CNCComputer Controlled Machine ToolsComputer Numeric Control -
COTelephonyCentral Office - the local exchange
CODCE RPC protocolsConnection-Oriented -
COTelephony EngineeringCentral Office -
COAMicrosoft, Software PiracyCertificate of Authority - document which gives owner license to use software
COBITInformation TechnologyControl OBjectives for Information and related Technology -
COBOLBusiness ComputingCOmmon Business Oriented Language -
CODAREngineeringCentral On-line Dispatch and Reporting system -
CODAREngineeringCentral On-line Dispatch and Reporting system -
COFDMSatellite Radio, Sirius, TelecommunicationsCoded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing -
COMMicrosoft DevelopmentComponent Object Model -
CONPOSI Networking ProtocolConnection-Oriented Network Protocol - (ISO 8208) is based on X.25 PLP
COOManagementChief Operating Officer -
COPNCR Teradata EngineeringCOmmunication Processor -
COPSApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPCommon Open Policy Services -
COPSMarketingComputer Oracle and Password System -
CORBASoftware EngineeringCommon Object Request Broker Architecture -
COTSBuying, Electronic and Computer Military Components MarketingCommercial Off The Shelf - See also GOTS, MOTS, NOTS, ROTS
CPCSATM Communications ProtocolCommon Part Convergence Sub-layer -
CPCSAviationCabin Pressure Control System -
CPETelephony EngineeringCustomer Premise Equipment - equipment on the customer's premises
CPMCorporations, Information TechnologyCorporate Performance Management -
CPTWGCD & DVD IndustryCopy ProTection Working Group -
CPUEngineeringCentral Processing Unit - the integrated circuit (IC) or processor chip which executes the computer's instructions.
CRMInformation TechnologyCustomer Relationship Management -
CRTComputer monitors, TelevisionCathode Ray Tube - a "TV" picture tube, a vacuum tube used as a video screen in a television, computer monitor, etc. Named for the glowing electric cathode at the narrow end of the tube.
CRUEngineeringCustomer Replaceable Unit -
CRUComputing TariffsCray Resource Unit - Equivalent to 1 hour of Cray-1 time. CRU hours are CPU hours multiplied by two scaling factors: the Machine Charge Factor and the Class Priority Factor.[per Hans Cronander 8/30/2000]
CSNCR CultureCustomer Service -
CSATM Communications ProtocolConvergence Sub-layer -
CSAMicrosoft DevelopmentComponent Services Architecture - Created in 1998 as a fusion of the Common Object Model Plus (COM+) and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
CSDOrganizationCustomer Service Division -
CSFOrganizationCustomer Support Facility -
CSGOrganizationComputer Systems Group -
CSINCR 5100 EngineeringComplex Service Interface -
CSMDisk StorageCluster Storage Management -
CSMA/CDNetworkingCarrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection -
CSMENCR LifeKeeper PublicationConfiguring Multi-System Environments -
CSPMarketingContinuous Scaleable Processing -
CSRMicroprocessor or Board EngineeringControl and Status Register -
CSSNCR OrganizationClerical Support Services -
CSSWeb Software DevelopmentCascading Style Sheets -
CSVDatabases, Information Technology, Text FilesComma Separated Values - a text file format containing lines of data items separated by commas
CTDRoboticsConductivity, Temperature, Depth - a device used to measure geographic data in bodies of water
CTGEngineeringIBM Channel Tailgate -
CTITelephony EngineeringComputer Telephony Interface -
CTITelephony EngineeringComputer Telephony Integration -
CTLEngineeringDisk Controller (JBOD or Disk Array) -
CTOOrganizationChief Technical Officer, Corporate Technical Officer -
CUUNIX commandsCall Unix -
CUAEngineeringChannel Unit Address -
CVDSolid State Device EngineeringChemical Vapor Deposition -
CWNCR Hardware/Firmware EngineeringConfiguration Wizard - software which configures the hardware
CXOCorporate Organization, CorporationsChief "any" Officer - a generic term for company or coporate officers.
DANetworkingDirectory Agent - a network service that acts as a central repository for service location information
DAEngineeringDisk Array -
DACEngineeringDisk Array Controller -
DACAccess Control, SecurityDiscretionary Access Control -
DACSystem SecurityDiscretionary Access Control -
DACSolid State DevicesDigital to Analog Converter -
DADNetworkingDirectory Agent Discovery - process by which network services are discovered and registered
DADDocument ImagingDocument Analysis and Design -
DALTelephony EngineeringDedicated Access Line -
DAMLBusiness Rules, DARPADARPA Agent Markup Language -
DAOMicrosoftDirect Access Object - a feature of the Microsoft ODBC standard
DAPProductDisk Array Plus -
DARHardwareDigital-to-Analog Converter -
DAROBattlespace, Defense, Intelligence, Military, SecurityDefense Air Reconnaissance Office - now known as DCGS
DARPADefense, Internet, US GovernmentDefense Advance Research Projects Administration -
DASEngineeringDual Attached Station -
DASDData StorageDirect Access Storage Device - usually a collection of hard disks with a RAID controller
DBDataBase EngineeringData Base -
DBADataBase EngineeringDatabase Administrator -
DBCComputer Engineering3600 Parallel Database Computer -
DBFDatabases, Information TechnologyDataBase File -
DBIPERL; DataBase/Software EngineeringDataBase Interface -
DBListComputer EngineeringData Block Descriptors List -
DBMSComputer System EngineeringDataBase Management System -
DBSEngineeringDatabase Software -
DCElectrical EngineeringDirect Current -
DCAMDigital ElectronicsDigital CAMera -
DCAPData Link Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPData link switching Client Access Protocol -
DCBEngineeringDisk Cache RAM Board -
DCCEngineeringDC-to-DC Converter -
DCEComputer SystemsDistributed Computing Environment -
DCENetworkingData Communications Equipment -
DCEHardware EngineeringDC - to - DC Converter
DCGSBattlespace, Defense, Intelligence, Military, SecurityDistributed Common Ground Space - formerly DARO - a military intelligence system integrating information of various types and sources.
DCHPInternet ProtocolDynamic Host Configuration Protocol -
DCLDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemDigital Command Language - commands that can be typed in on a PDP-11 terminal.
DCOMMicrosoftDistributed Common Object Model - a specification based on DCE intended to replace OLE
DCRSoftware EngineeringDisk Cache RAM -
DCRAMEngineeringDisk Cache Random Access Memory -
DD/DMarketingData Dictionary / Directory -
DDEEngineeringDynamic Data Exchange -
DDIIOS EngineeringDump/Express Disk I/O Interface -
DDLEngineeringData Definition Language -
DDP(Apple) NetworkingDatagram Delivery Protocol -
DDRComputer Memory Technology, SDRAM, Solid State DevicesDouble Data Rate -
DECComputer ManufacturersDigital Equipment Corporation -
DELTTSolid State Technology - Sandia LabsDouble Electron Layer Tunneling Transistor - the first quantum mechanical transistor invented at Sandia National Labs in 1998
DENNetworkingDirectory Enabled Network -
DESNetwork EngineeringData Encryption Standard - usually a 56-bit encryption (see 3DES{href=#3DES})
DFDInformation TechnologyData Flow Diagram -
DFMComputers, ManufacturingDemand Flow Manufacturing -
DFPDisplays, monitorsDigital Flat Panel -
DFSEngineeringDesign For Stage-ability -
DFSData Storage, NetworkingDistributed File System -
DHCPInternet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol -
DHTMLWeb AuthoringDynamic Hyper-Text Markup Language, an extension of HTML -
DiameterInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPA protocol designed to replace RADIUS, overcoming the RADIUS deficiencies in authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA). -
DIHANCR 5100Diagnostic Interface Host Adapter -
DikuMUDComputer Gamesa specific type MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) in which users are restricted to modifying objects which are a fixed part of the game. See MUD. -
DIMEngineeringDiagnostic Interconnect Module -
DINStandards OrganizationsDeutsche Institut fuer Normung - (German Institute for Standards)
DIPChip Types, Solid State Device PackagingDual In-line Package - rectangular chip with pins on the two longer sides of the package. Fits in a socket or has round leads which are wave-soldered to the printed circuit board.
DIPSTelecommunications, Telephone ServicesDatabase Inquiry by a Phone Switch [ a guess on my part] - local phone switch query to a remote database
DISInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPDistributed Interactive Simulation -
DISStandards CommitteesDraft International Standard -
DISPStandards CommitteesDraft International Standardized Profiles -
DLANEngineeringDiagnostic Local Area Network -
DLCNetworkingData Link Control Protocol -
DLLMS Windows TechnologyDynamic Link LiBRary -
DLMSoftware Product for Oracle DatabasesDistributed Lock Manager -
DLPSecurityData Leak Prevention -
DLTHardware Device TypeDigital Linear Tape -
DMAComputer EngineeringDirect Memory Access -
DMARCInternet, Networking, TelecommunicationsDeMARCation point - the customer's interface point (connector) to a high-speed telecommunications service. This may be the same as the MPOE or it may be a point inside the customer's property where the customer connects the service to his equipment. Stringing a cable from the MPOE to the DMARC is called "extending the DMARC" or a "DMARC extension."
DMCANCR MicroChannel ArchitectureDual MicroChannel Adapter - The subsystem which combines the primary and secondary MCA backplane into a single 16-slot architecture
DMIEngineeringDesktop Management Interface -
DMPDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemFile Dump Program - a utility that dumps files in hexadecimal, octal, decimal or ASCII formats.
DMPIBM, Operating System ArchitectureDistributed Memory Processor - a computer architecture that shares memory over a high-performance switch or a LAN
DMSDocument ImagingDocument Management System -
DMSDell Certifications, Dell Computer Services, Dell ComputersDell Managed Services -
DMTFInternet Telephony, Telecommunications, VoIPDual-Tone Multi-Frequency - this is the technical adjective for telephone "touch tones".
DNCAutomated Machines (Manufacturing)Direct Numerical Control -
DNSInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPDomain Name Service(s) -
DNSBLInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPDomain Name Service Black-hole List - list of domain names used by known spammers.
DOCSISNetworking, TelecommunicationsData Over Cable System Interface Specification -
DOEUS Government DepartmentsDepartment of Energy -
DOMSGML, Web AuthoringDocument Object Model -
domainOSI Networkingany portion of an OSI network under a common administrative authority (Paquet & Teare) -
DOSEngineeringDisk Operating System - usually for a PC, and usually MSDOS
DPComputer EngineeringDiagnostic Processor -
DPbusComputer EngineeringDisplay Panel bus -
DPCTelecommunications, Telephone ServicesDestination Point Code - a field in a routing packet that gives the destination of the CCS/SS7 signaling message.
DRSoftware EngineeringDynamic Recompiling -
DRAMComputer Memory Technology, RAM, Solid State DevicesDynamic Random Access Memory -
DRDAInternational Business MachinesDistributed Relational Database Architecture -
DREEngineering ProcessDefect Removal Efficiency -
DRMEngineeringDOS RAID Manager -
DRMComputers, Copyrights, Digital Media, Internet, Napster, PoliticsDigital Rights Management -
DRTNCR CultureDevelopment Realization Team -
DSAEngineeringData Striping without Parity -
DSKEngineeringDisk -
DSLTelecommunications EngineeringDigital Subscriber Loop -
DSLAMsTelecommunications EngineeringDigital Subscriber Line Access Modules -
DSPMicrosoft MarketingDelivery Service Partner -
DSPSignal ProcessingDigital Signal Processor -
DSPAsynchronous Transfer Mode, ATM, NetworkingDomain Specific Part - a part of an NSAP consisting of a HODSP, system-ID and NSEL.
DSPDell Certifications, Dell Computer Services, Dell ComputersDell Service Provider -
DSSDatabase TechnologyDecision Support Systems -
DSSSLSGML, Web Authoring, XMLDocument Style Semantics and Specification Language -
DSTNLCD Panels, Manufacturing and Technology, monitorsDual-scan Super Twist Nematic or Dual-scan STN -
DSTPDatabase NetworkingData Space Transfer Protocol -
DSUNCR Teradata EngineeringDisk Storage Unit -
DTDWeb AuthoringDocument Type Definition, related to SGML -
DTENetworkingData Terminal Equipment -
DTMFTelecommunications EngineeringDual Tone Multi-tone Frequency -
DTPSystems EngineeringDistributed Transaction Processing -
DTPConsumer MarketingDeskTop Publishing -
DTRSerial CommunicationsData Terminal Ready -
DULMarketingDump Unload and Load -
DVDRecording EngineeringDigital Versatile Disk; formerly Digital Video Disk -
DVD-ARecording EngineeringDigital Versatile Disk Minus Audio - Audio: an audio format recorded on DVD. Competes with SACD.
DVD-RRecording EngineeringDigital Versatile Disk Minus Recordable - a DVD recorder or recordable DVD format. Records 4.7GB at a 650nm wavelength but does not include copy protection. Competes with DVD R.
DVD-ROMComputer Engineering, Recording EngineeringDigital Versatile Disk - Read Only Memory - A DVD recorder (computer hardware) or a recorded DVD or a DVD which can be recored once, same as a DVD-R and similar to a CD-R{href=#CD-r} Technically a general recording form called a WORM{href=#WORM}.
DVD-RWRecording EngineeringDigital Versatile Disk Minus ReWritable - A DVD recorder or recordable DVD format. Records 4.7GB at a 650nm wavelength but does not include copy protection. Competes with DVD R.
DVMRPInternet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPDistance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol -
DWAWireless Networking, WUSBDevice Wire Adapter -
E.164Telecommunications StandardsITU-T ISDN telephone numbering standard -
E1Telecommunications StandardsEuropean level 1 Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) standard, 2.048 megabits/second -
E3Telecommunications StandardsEuropean level 3 Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) standard, 34 megabits/second -
E4Telecommunications StandardsEuropean level 4 Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) standard, 139 megabits/second -
E4XActionScript, Computer Languages, JavaScript, XMLECMAScript for XML -
EAMarketingEase Advantage -
EAISoftware EngineeringEnterprise Application Integration -
EAPNetworkingExtensible Authentication Protocol -
EBCDICInformation InterchangeExtended Binary Code Decimal Interchange Code -
EBTCommerceElectronic Banking Transfers -
ECComputer IndustryElectronic Commerce -
ECASCSI Standard/SpecificationExtended Contingent Allegiance - This extends the utility of the Contingent Allegiance state for an indefinite period during which the initiator that received the error can perform advanced recovery algorithms.
ECCSolid State EngineeringError Checking and Correcting - used to describe Random Access Memory
ECMAComputer IndustryEuropean Computer Manufacturers Association -
ECMA-262Computer Industry StandardsECMAScript-262 - a standard with the objective of unifying JavaScript and JScript.
ECMAScriptComputer Industry StandardsECMAScript - a standard with the objective of unifying JavaScript, JScript and ActionScript (Macromedia Flash.)
ECMLWorld Wide WebElectronic Commerce Modeling Language -
ECOESoftware EngineeringEnterprise Client Operating Environment -
ECTFTelephony EngineeringEnterprise Computer Telephony Forum - an international CTI standards consortium
EDAInformation TechnologyElectronic Document Access -
EDACEngineeringError Detection and Correction -
EDGECellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Wireless NetworksEnhanced Date rates for GSM Evolution -
EDIIETF, Software EngineeringElectronic Data Interchange -
EDIDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemEditor - a line - and (ASCII) character - based editor.
EDIINTIETF, Software EngineeringElectronic Data Interchange INTernet -
EDWMarketingEnterprise Data Warehouse -
EFFInternetElectronic Frontiers Foundation - An organization (q.v., at promoting online/electronic rights such as free speech, privacy, etc.
EFIBIOSExtensible Firmware Interface - a specification for motherboard firmware promoted by Intel and Microsoft designed to replace, or control the proliferation of, independent motherboard BIOS design.
EFSData StorageEncrypting File System -
egcsGNU / Free Software FoundationExperimental GNU Compiler System -
EGPInternet ProtocolExterior Gateway Protocol - a TCP/IP extra-domain routing protocol
EGPInternet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IPExtended Gateway Protocol -
EHSBusiness Rules, ProgrammingElse Hand Side - the (program) code executed when there is an exception to the application of a business rule or "if" statement. See also RHS, LHS.
EIAIndustryElectronic Industries Association -
EIDEDisk DrivesEnhanced Integrated Drive Electronics - an extension of the IDE.
EIFOrganizationEnterprise Information Factory -
EIGRPInternet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (CISCO Proprietary) -
EISAComputer Hardware EngineeringExtended Industry Standard Architecture - a bus (adapter/card/board connector/slot) specification. Others are ISA, PCI, NUBUS.
EISMNCR LifeKeeper Systems EngineeringExternal Interface Server Management - a single server management API for both UNIX and Windows NT.
EITOMarketingEuropean information Technology Observatory -
EJBJava Software DevelopmentEnterprise Java Beans -
ELLCD Panels, Manufacturing and Technology, monitorsElectroLuminescent -
ELCMarketingEntry Level Computer -
ELSMarketingEntry Level Server -
ELSNCR Organization (1997)Entry Level Servers -
EMANetworking IndustryElectronic Messaging Association -
EMFElectrical EngineeringElectro-Motive Force -
EMFMicrosoftEnhanced MetaFile spooling architecture -
EMSCellular Phones, Email, Mobile Phones, Networks, Telecommunications, Text MessagingElectronic Messaging Service -
ENVEngineeringEnvironmental Board -
EOSHardware EngineeringE (E.M.F.-voltage) Over Specification - a fault due to too high voltage
EPICIntel MicroprocessorsExplicitly Parallel Instruction Computing -
EPMDesk Top PublishingEngineering Program Management -
EPMSDesk Top PublishingElectronic Publishing Management System -
EPONCR 5100Emergency Power Off -
EPSGraphic File FormatEncapsulated Post Script - originated by Adobe Systems
ERDEnterprise, IndustryEntity Relationship Diagrams -
ERPEnterprise, IndustryEnterprise Resource Planning - high level applications which do this (PeopleSoft, SAP)
ES-ISOSI Network Routing ProtocolEnd System to Intermediate System (ISO 9542) -
eSATAComputer Hardware, Hard Drivesexternal SATA, external Serial ATA - a specification for attaching hard drives to motherboards by means of a (copper) wire cable.
ESBBusiness Computing, Business SystemsEnterprise Service Bus -
ESDOrganizationEnterprise System Division -
ESDEngineeringElectrostatic Discharge -
ESHOSI Network Routing ProtocolEnd System Hello - a packet sent by an End System (see ES-IS)
ESLRetail Store ComputingElectronic Shelf Labeling -
ESPNetworkingEncapsulating Security Payload - used in IPSec
ESPManagement, OrganizationExternal Service Provider - a job shop or contracting company who may also provide services from a foreign country.
ESPSIIPSEntry Processing Unit -
ESPUSIIPSEntry Processing and Sort Unit -
ESSNCR OrganizationEnterprise Support Service -
ESUSIIPSEncode and Sort Unit -
ETEngineeringException Trace -
ETLEngineering OrganizationEngineering Team Leader -
EULAMicrosoft LicensingEnd User LIcense Agreement -
EV-DORadio Telephony, Wireless NetworkingEVolution - Data Optimized - a 3rd Generation CDMA technology, aka "2.5G" offering faster voice and data speeds than 1xRTT .
EVMSComputer Engineering, Linux, UnixEnterprise Volume Management System - software that causes any number of physical hard drives to be used as one or more virtual disks, often in a RAID configuration.
FASoftware ProductFeature Audit -
FAEngineeringFailure Analysis -
FACESoftware ProductFramed Access Command Environment -
FANPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPFlow Attribute Notification Protocol -
FAST1997, NCR OrganizationFeature Audit Tools and Systems - a department under GPS, General Purpose Systems
FATWindows OSFile Allocation Table -
FCNetwork EngineeringFiBRe Channel -
FC-ALNetwork EngineeringFiBRe Channel - Arbitrated Loop
FCCUS GovernmentFederal Communications Commission -
FCLCNetwork EngineeringFiBRe Channel Loop Community - manufacturers of FC related hardware and software
FCPData Storage EngineeringFiber Channel Protocol - protocol to transfer data from storage to CPU; NOT FireWire!
FCSDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemFile Control Services - a set of commands and libraries to control PDP-11 files, especially ISAM files.
FDDIEngineeringFiber Distributed Data Interface -
FDISStandards CommitteesFinal Draft International Standard -
FDKEngineeringFlexible Disk -
FDMTelecommunicationsFrequency Division Multiplexing -
FEOrganizationChief Executive Officer -
FEEEncryption AlgorithmsFast Elliptic Encryption -
FEEPROMComputer EngineeringFlash Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory -
FEPEngineeringFront-End Processor -
FEUNCR 5100Front End Unit - in a Series 5100 cabinet converts input AC power to approximately 56 Volts DC for distribution to other subsystems.
FingerApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPUser Information Protocol -
FITEngineering ProcessFeature Integration Test -
FLOPSComputer EngineeringFLoating-point Operations Per Second -
FLXDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemFile Transfer Program - a utility program that copies files to and from different file formats.
flybackCRTs, Electronicsa flyback transformer - see LOPT
FMElectronics, RadioFrequency Modulation - a method of radio broadcasting which uses an audio frequency (ususally) to vary (modulate) the transmission carrier frequency.
FMLISoftware ProductForm and Menu Language Interpreter -
FMSEngineeringFault Management System -
FoIPFAX, Internet, T38, Telephony, VoIPFAX over Internet Protocol - FAX over the internet equivalent of VoIP
FOMARadio Telephony, Wireless NetworkingFreedom Of Mobile multimedia Access - a third generation cellular network used in Japan based on W-CDMA and compatible with UTMS .
FOSSComputer Software, ComputersFree and Open Source Software -
FPGAIntegrated Circuit EngineeringField Programmable Gate Array -
FQDNNetworkingFully Qualified Domain Name -
FREOrganizationFeature Realization Engineer -
FRONCR Product EngineeringField Retrofit Option -
FRSMarketingFault Resilient Systems, implies better than 99.99% availability -
FRSOrganizationFault Resilient Systems [archaic, now High Availability] -
FRSTNLCD Panels, Manufacturing and Technology, monitorsFast Response Super Twist Nematic or Fast Response STN -
FRUEngineeringField Replaceable Unit -
FRUEngineering SupportField Retrofit Update (also called a kit) -
FSAAVideo ProcessingFull-Scale Anti-Aliasing -
FSGCorporate OrganizationFinancial Systems Group -
FSTNBlack and White LCD Panels, Manufacturing and Technology, monitorsFilm-compensated Super Twist Nematic or Fast Response STN Filtered Super Twist Nematic or Fast Response STN Formulated Super Twist Nematic or Fast Response STN -
FTMarketingFault Tolerant, implies better than 99.9999% availability -
FTAMEngineeringFile Transfer, Access, and Management -
FTLEngineering OrganizationFeature Team Leader -
FTPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPFile Transfer Protocol -
FTPTelecommunicationsFoil Twisted Pair -
FUDMarketing (any competitive industry)Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt -
FWHardware EngineeringFirmWare -
FXOInternet Telephony, Telecommunications, VoIPForeign eXchange Office - the telephone jack on a telephone that accepts a plug from a telephone cord.
FXSInternet Telephony, Telecommunications, VoIPForeign eXchange Subscriber - the POTS telephone jack (usually on the wall) which accepts the plug on one end of a telephone cord.
GBComputer IndustryGigaByte - technically equal to 1,073,741,824 (1024*1024*1024) bytes, 1024MB(MegaBytes) or 1,048,576KB(KiloBytes); less formally, 1,000,000,000 bytes, 1000MB or 1,000,000KB
GBICNetworkingGigaBit Interface Converter - a plug-in device to connect a fiber-optic interface with ethernet.
GCAEngineering ProcessGeneral Customer Availability -
GCSNCR MarketingGuaranteed Customer Satisfaction -
GDDRComputer Memory, Solid State DevicesGraphics Double Data Rate -
GDIMicrosoft ArchitectureGraphic Device Interface -
GDMLinux, Open SourceGNOME Display Manager -
GDSInformation TechnologyGlobal Distribution System - an organization with global distribution of goods or services such as a large bank
GEMSWaste ManagementGroundwater and Environmental Monitoring System -
GEMSMedical InstrumentationGeneral Electric Medical Systems -
GHRNCR OrganizationGlobal Human Resources -
GIFGraphics File FormatsGraphics Interchange Format -
GIMPGraphics File FormatsGnu Image Manipulation Program - also see GNU
GISOrganizationGlobal Information Solutions -
GLONASSGlobal Positioning SystemsGlobal Navigation Satellite System (Russian) -
GMRMagnetic Recording IndustryGiant Magneto-Restrictive -
GNOMESoftware Industry/Free Software FoundationGNU Network Object Model Environment -
GNUSoftware Industry/Free Software FoundationGnu is Not Unix -
GOTSBuying, Electronic and Computer Military Components MarketingGovernment Off The Shelf - See also COTS, MOTS, NOTS, ROTS
GPCGSC1997, NCR OrganizationGeneral Purpose Computing Global Support Center -
GPLSoftware EngineeringGraphical Programming Language -
GPOMicrosoft Windows SecurityGroup Policy Object -
GPS1997, NCR OrganizationGeneral Purpose Systems -
GPS1997, NCR OrganizationGeneral Purpose Systems -
GRPNCR CultureGlobal Realization Process -
GRTNCR CultureGlobal Realization Team -
GSCOrganizationGlobal Support Center -
GSMCell Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, TelephonyGlobal System for Mobile communications - "Global Satellite Mobility"
GSSBattlespace, Defense, Intelligence, Military, SecurityGround- and Surface-based Systems -
GUIEngineeringGraphical User Interface -
H-OSAMulti-Media, Networking, Services, TelephonyHigh-level Open Service Architecture -
H.323Internet Communications, Microsoft NetMeeting, Networking, VoIPH.323 - an ITU standard based on the IETF RTP and RTCP protocols. H.323 is a very flexible protocol that allows the exchange of data, video and audio over networks that have an indeterminant quality of service. Two applications of this protocol are VOIP and Microsoft's NetMeeting. For VOIP, H.323 is not as NAT friendly as IAX . H.323 provides QoS monitoring and is good at video conferencing.
h2g2blogs, Internet Gaming, odd stuff (not an acronym), slangA BBC website inspired by the book "The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. In 2006, the website was . -
h4x0rInternet Gaming, slang[not an acronym] hacker - an unconscionable interactive game player.
HAComputer Systems[rare] Host Adapter -
HAMarketingHigh Availability, implies better than 99.9% availability -
HALOperating Systems and Computer ArchitectureHardware Abstraction Layer -
HASEOrganizationHigh Availability Software Engineering -
HATPOrganizationHigh Availability Transaction Processing -
HCBMicrosoftHardware Compatibility Test - as in HCL list, a list of hardware with which NT is compatible or vice versa
HCTEngineeringSoftware Development (or Developer's) Kit -
HDADisk DrivesHead Disk Assembly -
HDDDisk DrivesHard Disk Drive -
HDLCNetwork Communications ProtocolHigh-level Data Link Control - a derivative of SDLC used by PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
HENEngineeringHardware ENabler -
Hi8Motion Picture Engineeringan enhances 8mm video cassette standard -
HIPAAEmployment LawHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act -
HIPPINetworkingHigh Performance Parallel Interface -
HITCNCR OrganizationHuman Interface Technology Center -
HMCComputer Controlled Machine ToolsHorizontal Machine Center -
HMISoftware DesignHuman Machine Interface -
HODSPNetworkingHigh-Order Domain-Specific Part - part of a NSAP which defines the area of the domain
HPCSuperComputersHigh Performance Computer -
HPSComputer System Architecture, IBMHigh Performance Switch - a method of connecting computers running in parallel.
HQLNCR Computer EngineeringHardware Qualification List -
HRFWGHome Device EngineeringHome Radio Frequency Working Group -
HSDPARadio Telephony, Wireless NetworkingHigh Speed Downlink Packet Access - a 3rd Generation technology associated with W-CDMA and GSM technologies and may also compete with WiMAX .
HSIEngineeringHigh Speed Interconnect (YNet) -
HSMData StorageHierarchical Storage Management -
HSRPInternet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IP(Cisco) Hot Standby Router Protocol -
HTMLWeb AuthoringHyper-Text Markup Language, a DTD or application of SGML -
HTTPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPHyper Text Transfer Protocol -
HTTP-NGInternet ProtocolHyper Text Transfer Protocol - Next Generation - a not very original name for the second phase of World Wide Web development from W3C which features machine to machine communication over the Web
HWAWireless Networking, WUSBHost Wire Adapter -
i.LONEchelon Corporationa name for an internet server -
I/OComputer IndustryInput-Output -
i2oComputer Input/OutputIntelligent Input/Output -
IAArtificial Intelligence, Computers, ProgrammingIntelligent Agent -
IAEmbedded Systems, SunInformation Appliance -
IA-64Intel MicroprocessorsIntel-Architecture - 64, a 64-bit architecture manifested in the "Merced" CPU chip
IACMicrosoftInter-Application Communication -
IALIntel CorporationIntel Architecture Lab - Intel's computer architecture lab located in Hillsboro, Oregon
IAXInternet Protocols, VoIPInter-Asterisk eXchange - an extremely flexible, NAT - friendly internet protocol for VoIP. A second version is also known as "IAX2".
IBMComputer ManufacturersInternational Business Machines, Inc. - usually "IBM"
IBRPProduct ProcessIntegrated Business and Realization Plan -
ICMicrosoft ExchangeIntegrated Circuit - a "chip" or electronic logic device consisting of a few or many transistors or gates.
ICAComputer TerminalsIntelligent Console Architecture -
ICDADisk Arrays, RAIDIntegrated Cache Disk Array -
ICIProduct EngineeringInitial Customer Installation -
ICLDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemIndirect Command Language - A language framework using "go to on status" for DCL and MCR commands.
ICMPInternet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInternet Control Message Protocol - used primarily for the ping command (RFC792)
ICMPv6Internet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInternet Control Message Protocol - version 6
ICPDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemIndirect Command Processor - software that allows the execution of the Indirect Command Language
ICPTelephony EngineeringIntelligent Call Processing - ability of an ACD to route a call based on a caller database
ICSINCR Parallel Systems EngineeringIntegrated Complex Service Interface -
ICTHardware EngineeringIn-Circuit Tester -
IDIndustryan IDentification number, name or character string which uniquely identifies a person, part or product within a restricted context -
IDNCR MarketingIndustry Director -
IDAEngineeringIndependent Disk Array or Internal Disk Array -
IDEEngineeringIntegrated Drive Electronics - a disk drive interface specification
IDE/ATAPIComputer Storage EngineeringIntegrated Drive Electronics / AT Attachment Packet Interface -
iDENWireless (RF/Radio Frequency) EngineeringIntegrated Dispatch Enhanced Network - uses TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and VSELP (Vector Sum Excited Linear Predictor) technologies
IDFIntelIntel Developers Forum -
IDIOSI NetworkingInter-Domain Identifier - a part of the NSAP up to 10 bytes long.
IDLObject Oriented DesignInterface Definition Language -
IDPOSI NetworkingInitial Domain Part - first part of the NSAP consisting of the ADI and the IDI.
IDTFirmware EngineeringInternal Device Table -
IDTISemiconductor IndustryIntegrated Device Technology, Inc. - a semiconductor manufacturer and competitor of Intel.
IECIndustry Standardization GroupInternational Electro-technical Committee -
IEEEEngineeringInstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - a standards organization
IEFDatabase TechnologyInformation Engineering Facility (a Texas Instruments software product) -
IETFInternet ProtocolsInternet Engineering Task Force -
IFPNCR Teradata EngineeringInterFace Processor -
IGMPInternet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInternet Group Management Protocol -
IGRPInternet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IPInterior Gateway Routing Protocol (CISCO Proprietary) -
IHVTCRTs, ElectronicsIntegrated High Voltage Transformer - see LOPT
IIDAComputer Storage EngineeringIndependent Internal Disk Array -
IISMicrosoft ProductInternet Information Server - Microsoft program that serves internet web pages
IKENetwork ProtocolInternet Key Exchange - used in IPSec (see also ISAKMP)
ILDEngineeringIntegrated LAN Driver -
IMAPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInternet Message Access Protocol -
IMAP4Application Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInternet Message Access Protocol revision 4 -
IMHOElectronic Mail AbbreviationsIn My Humble Opinion -
IMINTBattlespace, Defense, Intelligence, Military, SecurityIMagery INTelligence -
IMOElectronic Mail AbbreviationsIn My Opinion -
IMPPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInstant Messaging and Presence Protocols - IMPPpre - presence protocol, IMPPmes - messaging protocol
IMSIBM Systems, MarketingInformation Management System -
IMTSCell Phones, Mobile Phones, TelecommunicationsImproved Mobile Telephone Service -
INNetworkingIntelligent Network -
INAPNetworkingIntelligent Network Application Protocol -
INSEADNCR ManagementEuropean Institute of International Business in Fontainebleau, France -
IOComputer Input/OutputInput-Output - aka I/O
IOPMarketingInter Operability Problems -
IOSInternetwork Operating System - Cisco proprietary operating system
IPNetworkingInternet Protocol - see TCP/IP
IP ETETAT{href=#ATT}&T, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPIP End-To-End-Tool -
IPCNetwork EngineeringInter-Process Communication -
IPDCApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInternet Protocol Device Control -
IPngInternet ProtocolInternet Protocol next-generation -
IPOCorporate Finance, CorporationsInitial Public Offering - first time ownership is made public for a corporation.
IPREngineeringInitial Problem Report -
IPSDocument ImagingImage Processing System -
IPv6Internet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInternet Protocol version six - ca. 1998, IPv6 began replacing IPv4, the previous standard
IPX/SPXNovell Networking ProtocolInternet Packet eXchange/Sequenced Packet eXchange -
IRCApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPInternet Relay Chat protocol -
IRDAConnector/Transmission Medium StandardInfra-Red Device Association -
IRDBCellular, Mobile Telephones, TDMAIntellegent Roamer DataBase - a feature of TDMA mobile phones similar to MNC for GSM mobile phones and PRL for CDMA mobile phones.
ISInformation TechnologyInformation Systems -
IS-95Radio Telephony, Wireless NetworkingInternation Standard 95 - the tecnical standard for digital wireless technology that is CDMA .
IS-ISOSI Network Routing ProtocolIntermediate System to Intermediate System - an intra-domain routing protocol, (ISO/IEC 10589,RFC 1195)
ISAComputer Hardware EngineeringIndustry Standard Architecture - a bus (adapter/card/board connector/slot) specification. Others are EISA, PCI, NUBUS.
ISAComputer Architecture, Computer Processor Architecture, IntelInstruction Set Architecture - a computer processor instruction set. When related to Intel processors and clones, often the same as the X86 instruction set or, briefly, X86.
ISAArtificial IntelligenceIntelligent Software Agent -
ISAKMPInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol - a security key exchange protocol that negotiates a shared security policy and shared encryption keys.
ISAKMP/IKEInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol and Internet Key Exchange Protocol - a security key exchange protocol that negotiates a shared security policy and shared encryption keys.
ISAMDataBase, Information EngineeringIndexed Sequential Access Method -
ISAPIMicrosoft ProductInternet Server Applications Programming Interface (API) - Microsoft program that serves internet web pages
ISBMicrosoft, Microsoft ProductsInternet Service Bus -
ISBNStandards CommitteeDraft International Standard -
ISCINCR 5100International Standard Book Number -
iSCSIInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IP"Scuzzy" - Small Computer Systems Interface - a disk drive(and other devices) interface specification
ISDEngineeringInteractive System Definition -
ISDNEngineeringIntegrated Services Digital Network -
ISHOSI Network Routing ProtocolIntermediate System Hello - a packet sent by an Intermediate System (see IS-IS)
ISOOrganizationInternational Standards Organization or more correctly translated, International Organization for Standardization - based in Europe
ISO-IGRPOSI Network Routing ProtocolISO Interior Gateway Routing Protocol - based on Cisco Proprietary IGRP
ISPWorld Wide WebInternet Service Provider -
ISPNCR LifeKeeperIn Service, Protected: resource running and LifeKeeper protecting it -
ISPStandards CommitteesInternational Standardized Profiles -
ISSNStandards CommitteesInternational Standard Serial Number -
ISUNCR LifeKeeperIn Service, Unprotected: resource running and LifeKeeper not protecting it -
ISVOrganizationIndependent Software Vendor -
ITMarketingInformation Technology -
ITAIndustryInformation Technology Agreement - an international trade agreement under which member countries have agreed to eliminate import duties on a range of information technology products.
ITEQMarketingInteractive Teradata Query facility -
ITFSWireless InternetInstructional Television Fixed Services -
ITILInformation TechnologyInformation Technology Infrastructure Library -
ITOLCD Panels, Manufacturing and Technology, monitorsIndium Tin Oxide - used as a conductive layer
ITSTelephony EngineeringInternet Telephony Server -
ITSPTelecommunications IndustryInternet Telephony Service Provider -
ITUNetworking, Telecommunications IndustryInternational Telecommunications Union - the international telecommunications standards organization
IVRTelephone EngineeringInteractive Voice Response - telephone call center system in which voice prompts or menus are given and the caller responds by pushing a (touch-tone) key on the telephone key pad
IXCTelecommunications IndustryInter eXchange Carrier -
J1Telecommunications IndustryJapanese TDM Hierarchy Level 1 -
J2Telecommunications IndustryJapanese TDM Hierarchy Level 2 -
J2MECell Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, TelephonyJava 2 Micro Edition - A version of Java for embeded applications. J2ME applications can be created by anyone who has the ability to program in Java. J2ME competes with BREW functions but is used used mostly in non- CDMA cell phones.
J3Telecommunications IndustryJapanese TDM Hierarchy Level 3 -
J4Telecommunications IndustryJapanese TDM Hierarchy Level 4 -
JBODEngineeringJust a Bunch Of Disks - an array of disks without any hardware RAID adapter/controller
JBOD-SEDisk Drives, RAIDSingle-Ended [SCSI] Just a Bunch Of Disks -
JCLIBM SystemsJob Control Language -
JDBCJava TechnologyJava Data Base Connectivity -
JESSBusiness Rules, Information Technology, Java TechnologyJava Expert System Shell - A BRMS that uses CPLIPS, OPS
JFSEngineeringJournaling File System -
JITManufacturingJust In Time -
JITSoftware EngineeringJust In Time compiler -
JNIJavaJava Native Interface -
JPEGGraphics File FormatsJoint Photographic Experts Group -
JSMSoftware ProductJapanese System Messages -
JSPInternetJava Server Pages -
JSR94Business Rules, Information Technology, Java TechnologyJava Specification Request 94 - makes Java-based BRMSes interoperable.
JTAPITelephony EngineeringJava Telephony Applications Programming Interface, Sun's specification for a CTI -
JTRSWireless Communications, Wireless Networking, Wireless RadioJoint Tactical Radio Systems -
KBComputer IndustryKiloByte - technically equal to 1,024 bytes; less formally, 1,000 bytes
KBInformation TechnologyKnowledge Base -
KBSBusiness Rules, Information TechnologyKnowledge Based System - in a Business Rules context, a business rules system which may use an ANN (Artificial Neural Network)
KDELinux"K" Desktop Environment -
KMBSEngineeringKnowledge Base Management System -
KNIINTEL Computer ArchitectureKatmai New Instructions - a new set of instructions included with the Intel Katmai Architecture.
KPAEngineeringKey Process Area -
KPCMarketingKey Purchase Criteria -
KRAManagementKey Results Area -
KRAManagementKey Responsibilities Area -
KRIManagementKey Performance Index -
KSUTelecommunications, TelephonyKey System Unit -
kVelectricity, Electronics, high voltagekilovolt or kilovolts - a multiplier of one thousand (1,000) volts
L2TPNetworkingLayer 2 Transfer Protocol - secure; uses authentication and encryption
l33tblogs, Internet Gaming, odd stuff (not an acronym), slangPronounced "leet", means "elite", also spelled "1337" . -
LAFRNCR GLobal Realization ProcessLate Arriving Feature Requirement -
LANEngineeringLocal Area Network -
LANEAsynchronous Transfer ModeLAN (Local Area Network) Emulation -
LBBMicrosoft Windows Networking, Windows File and Printer SharingLocal Backup Browser -
LCDElectronic Display TechnologyLiquid Crystal Display -
LCDNCR LifeKeeperLifekeeper Configuration Database -
LCMElectronic Display TechnologyLiquid Crystal Module - same as LCD
LCMNCR LifeKeeperLifekeeper Communication Manager -
LCMPEngineeringLoosely-Coupled Multi-Processing -
LCPNetworkingLink Control Protocol -
LDAPInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPLightweight Directory Access Protocol -
LEADEngineering ProcessLive Early Adoption and Demonstration -
LECInternet, Networking, TelecommunicationsLocal Exchange Carrier - an ISP or company that provides high-speed telecommunications services such as a T1 line.
LEDElectrical EngineeringLight Emitting Diode -
letterboxMotion Pictures, Televisiondescribes the version of a motion picture shrunk to fit all of the screen on a television. This leaves black bands at the top and bottom of the TV monitor. See "aspect ratio". -
LFMEngineeringLog File Management -
LHSBusiness Rules, ProgrammingLeft Hand Side - the code or syntax on the left or target side of an assignment statement; the code executed when a predicate condition is true; in a business rule, the code executed when a business rule is true.
LINQMicrosoft, Microsoft Windows Software DevelopmentLanguage INtegrated Query -
LIWComputer CPULong Instruction Word -
LKSoftware ProductLifeKeeper -
LLCNetworkingLogical Link Control -
LLCLegalLimited Liability Corporation -
LLNLComputer Research and DevelopmentLawrence Livermore National Laboratory -
LMBMicrosoft Windows Networking, Windows File and Printer SharingLocal Master Browser -
LMOMarketingLarge Memory Option -
LOBMarketingLine Of Business -
LOPTCRT, ElectronicsLine OutPut Transformer - also known as a flyback transformer, simply a "flyback", or an IHVT - a specialized transformer used in the electronics industry to produce a very high voltage source, usually in excess of 15,000 volts (15 kv{href=#kV}) and typically in the range of 20,000 to 30,000 volts for the purpose of powering (the electron gun used in) cathode ray tubes (CRT{href=#CRT}s).
LP-MUDComputer GamesLars Pensjö MUD - a MUD which uses the computer language LPC to create objects. SEE MUD, LPC.
LPBEngineeringLocal Peripheral Adapter (Board) -
LPCComputer Games, Computer LanguagesLars Pensjö C - a language invented by Lars Pensjö to allow the creation of objects in LP-MUD. SEE MUD, LP-MUD.
LRACINCR LifeKeeperLifeKeeper Recovery Alarming and Control Interface -
LSGSCOrganizationLarge Systems Global Support Center -
LSMComputer PeripheralsLibrary Storage Module - a StorageTek Digital Linear Tape LiBRary unit
LSMLinux, SecurityLinux Security Module -
LSPOSI NetworkingLabel Switch Path -
luminanceVideo Recording Engineeringthe BRightness component of an analog video signal -
LUNComputer Engineering, SCSILogical Unit Number -
LVFPOrganization TechnologyLeadership Value Feedback Process -
LVMComputer Engineering, Linux, UnixLogical Volume Manager - software that causes any number of physical hard drives to be used as one or more virtual disks, often in a RAID configuration.
MACEthernet NetworksMedia Access Control - "MAC address" - a number stored in six bytes unique to each NIC (Network Interface Card) and hardware network interface module. (IEEE 802)
MACAccess Control, SecurityMandatory Access Control (contrasted with Discretionary Access Control) -
MACEncryption, NetworkingMessage Authentication Code - a code used to check message integrity or authenticity, also known as U.S. Government Standard Data Authentication Code.
MANNetworkingMetropolitan Area Network -
MASINTBattlespace, Defense, Intelligence, Military, SecurityMeasurements And Signatures INTelligence -
MathMLWeb Authoring, XMLMathematics Markup Language -
MAUNCR EngineeringMedium Attachment Unit -
MBComputer IndustryMegaByte - technically equal to 1,048,576 (1024*1024) bytes or 1024KB(KiloBytes); less formally, 1,000,000 bytes or 1000KB
MBABIOS, Booting, Diskless Computers, NetworkingManaged Boot Agent - a program or hardware that boots a computer from a network
MBESolid State Device EngineeringMolecular Beam Epitaxy -
MCAEngineeringMicro Channel Architecture - a backplane/baseboard bus architecture standard invented by IBM
MCACircuit Board EngineeringMemory Controller ASIC [SIC] -
MCCAEngineeringMicro Channel to Channel Adapter -
MCFWeb Authoring, XMLMeta Content Framework -
MCRDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemMonitor Console Routine - a set of commands each of which can be run from a PDP-11 terminal.
MCUTelecommunications NetworkingMulti-party Controller Unit -
MDLinux, Storage Management, UnixMultiple Devices - software that causes any number of physical hard drives to be used as one or more virtual disks, often in a RAID configuration.
MD5Computer NetworkingMessage Digest 5 - a method used for encrypting telnet commands.
MDAEngineeringMirrored Disk Array -
MDSWireless NetworkingMultipoint Distribution Services -
megaComputer Industrya prefix meaning one million (10**6) or in powers of 2, 1024*1024 (2**20) -
MFCMicrosoftMicrosoft Foundation Classes -
MFDDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemMaster File Directory - the upper level directory in the two-tier hierarchy of the PDP-11 file system. See also UFD.
MFMDisk DrivesModified Frequency Modulation - an information encoding technique used on disk drives. Commonly found on floppy drives and old AT and XT PC
MIBDesktop Management Interface, SNMPManagement Information Base -
MICNetworkingMessage Integrity Check -
MIDIAudio and Music TechnologyMusical Instrument Digital Interface -
MIDPCellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Wireless NetworksMobile Information Device Profile -
MIFDesktop Management InterfaceManagement Information Format -
MIMDComputer ArchitectureMultiple Instruction Multiple Data-stream - the capability of processing data sets with more than one instruction
MIMEInternet Electronic MailMultipurpose Internet Mail Extension -
MIMOWireless NetworkingMultiple In, Multiple Out - a wireless network specification in which a single connection consists of two or more unique radio signals, in the same radio channel, where each signal carries different digital information
MIPSComputer EngineeringMillion Instructions Per Second -
MIRS(Motorola) Wireless Telecommunications: Mobile Phones, Cell PhonesMotorola Integrated Radio System - similar to IDEN
MLMMarketingMulti-Level Marketing -
MLOADEngineeringMulti-LOAD -
mmMechanical EngineeringMilliMeter: a linear measurement equivalent to 1/1000 of a meter or about 1/25 of an inch -
MMACCabletron Systems ProductMulti-Media Access Center -
MMORPGComputer GamesMassively Multiplayer Online Role Playing GamesMUD{href=#MUD} Object Oriented - a type of MUD{href=#MUD}, Multi-User Dungeon. See MUD{href=#MUD}, MOO{href=#MOO}, MUSH{href=#MUSH}
MMSMulti-Media, Networking, Services, TelephonyMultimedia Messaging Service -
MNCCellular, GSM, Mobile TelephonesMobile Network Code - a feature of GSM mobile phones similar to PRL for CDMA mobile phones and IRDB for TDMA mobile phones.
MNLSOrganizationMultinational Language Support -
MNPEngineeringMicrocomm Network Protocol -
MobileIPInternet, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, Transport LayerMobileIP{href=#Mobile%20IP} Protocol -
MOOComputer GamesMUD Object Oriented - a type of MUD, Multi-User Dungeon. See MMORPG, MUD, MUSH
MOSIMarketingMicro Operating System Interface -
MOTSBuying, Electronic and Computer Military Components MarketingMilitary or Modifiable Off The Shelf - See also COTS, GOTS, NOTS, ROTS
MPEngineeringMultiprocessor -
MP-RASNCR version of UNIXMulti-Processor - Reliability, Availability, Serviceability
MP3Audio Recording Industry, Motion Picture Industry, MusicMotion Pictures expert group audio layer 3 [III] -
MPBEEngineeringMulti-Product Build Environment -
MPCEngineeringManual Problem Characterization -
MPCAEngineeringMulti-Protocol Communication Adapter -
MPCMNetwork EngineeringMulti-Protocol Communication Module (a product of the firm ECCI) -
MPE/iXHewlett-Packard Operating Systems, HP3000MultiProgramming Executive with Integrated POSIX, -
MPEGMotion Picture EngineeringMotion Picture Experts Group - a standard for motion-video compression
MPEG-1Motion Picture EngineeringMotion Picture Experts Group - a standard for motion-video compression roughly equivalent to VHS
MPEG-2Motion Picture EngineeringMotion Picture Experts Group - a standard for motion-video compression roughly equivalent to S-VHS
MPIComputer EngineeringMenuPort Interface -
MPIComputer EngineeringMessage Passing Interface - a standard for message-passing on among programs running on massively-parallel supercomputers
MPLSNetworkingMulti-Protocol Label Switching -
MPOEInternet, Networking, TelecommunicationsMinimum Port Of Entry - the place on a customer's property or premises where an LEC provides physical access to a telecommunications service such as a T1 line; the point at which the maintenance responsibility of the LEC ends.
MPPOrganizationMassively Parallel Processing -
MPPENetworkingMicrosoft Point-to-Point Encryption -
MRAT&T Software Development ProcessModification Request -
MRGCommunications Protocols, Internet, Internet Protocols, Network ProtocolsMessaging Realtime Grid - Red Hat's Enterprise MRG, pronounce "merge".
MRJECommunications (IBM, Legacy)Multi-leaving Remote Job Entry (see Bisynch, RJE) -
MRPMarketing, SalesManufacturer's Retail Price -
MRUNetworkingMaximum Receive Unit -
MSEngineeringMilliSecond -
MS-CHAPNetworkingMicrosoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (also: CHAP) -
MSAUEngineeringMultiple Station Access Unit -
MSCSEngineeringMicrosoft Cluster Server (formerly "WolfPack") -
MSDOSEngineeringMicrosoft Disk Operating System -
MSDSEngineering, Manufacturing, OSHAMaterial Safety Data Sheet -
MSMQCommunications Protocols, Internet, Internet Protocols, Network ProtocolsMicroSoft Message Queuing -
MSOCable Television IndustryMultiple Systems Operator -
MTAMicrosoft ExchangeMessage Transfer Agent -
MTBFMarketingMean Time Between Failures -
MTDPNCR Teradata EngineeringMicro TeraDatA Director Program -
MTSMicrosoft SoftwareMicrosoft Transaction Server - Became a part of Microsoft Component Services Architecture (CSA) in 1998
MTSTelephone Switch EngineeringMechanized Translation System - a specific application which downloads new software to telephone switches
MTSCell Phones, Mobile Phones, TelecommunicationsMobile Telephone Service -
MTTREngineeringMean Time To Repair -
MTUNetworkingMaximum Transmit Unit -
MUDComputer GamesMulti-User Dungeon or Multi-User Dimension - an ongoing computer game which a player logs into a virtual world, assumes the persona of a character, and interacts with the virtual world other such players. Players may be allowed to create objects within the world and if so, there will be a language for creating objects. There are several types of MUD. Some have objectives for the player to reach. There is usually role-playing and may be fighting or battles. See MMORPG, MOO, MUSH
MUSHComputer GamesMulti-User Shared Hallucination - A type of MUD. See MMORPG, MOO, MUD
MUXComputer Hardware Engineering(Communications) MUltipleXer -
MVCApple, Objective C, SmallTalk-80, XcodeModel-View-Controller - an object-oriented view (paradigm) of the way a program should be organized taken from SmallTalk-80 and used in Objective C.
MVSIBM SystemsMultiple Virtual Storage -
MZAPInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPMulticast-Scope Zone Announcement Protocol -
NACNetwork Access Management, Network SecurityNetwork Admission Control - Cisco's product. Competes with NAP and TNC
NALNovell NetworkingNovell Application Launcher -
NAMPSCell Phones, Mobile Phones, TelecommunicationsNarrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service -
NAPNetwork Access Management, Network SecurityNetwork Access Protection - Microsoft's Product. Competes with NAC and TNC
NAPTNetworkingNetwork Address and Port Translation -
NARPInternet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IPNBMA [Non-Broadcast Multi-Access] Address Resolution Protocol -
NASData Storage, NetworkingNetwork Attached Storage -
NATNetworkingNetwork Address Translation -
NbadNetworking, SecurityNetwork Behavior Anomaly Detection -
NBMAInternet, Link Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPNon-Broadcast Multi-Access -
NBPWindows Networking ProtocolNetBIOS Frame - same as NETBEUI protocol
NBP(Apple) NetworkingName Binding Protocol -
NBSStandards and Specifications, U.S. GovernmentNational Bureau of Standards - (archaic, legacy) former name of NIST
NBTWindows NetworkingNetBIOS over TCP/IP -
NCMarketingNetwork Computer -
NCAComputer IndustryNetwork Computing Architecture -
NCDEngineeringNetwork Computing Device -
NCPNetworkingNetwork Control Protocol, Network Control Program. -
NCPNetworkingNetWare Core Protocol - runs on top of IPX/SPX
NCROrganizationNational Cash Register -
NCRMOrganizationNCR Maintenance -
NCSLEngineeringNumber of Code Source Lines - number of lines of source code which actually do something (excluding blank and comment lines)
NDMPData Storage, NetworkingNetwork Data Management Protocol -
nDRAMComputer Memory chipsnext generation DRAM - memory to come from an agreement between Intel and Rambus supposed to be faster than RDRAM.
NDSNovell NetworkingNovell Directory Services -
NECEngineeringNational Electric Code -
NECElectrical IndustryNational Electric Code -
NEMAElectrical IndustryNational Electrical Manufacturers Association -
NETNetworkingNetwork Entity Title - equivalent to the IS-IS NSAP with NSEL set to zero.
NETBEUINetworkingNetwork ... -
NetBIOSNetworkingNetwork Basic Input/Output System -
NetBIOS/IPInternet, Network Protocols, Session Layer, TCP/IPNetBIOS that runs over TCP/IP -
TelecommunicationsNear-End Cross-Talk -
NFRMarketingNot For Resale - a category of sales transactions in which the buyer cannot resell the merchandise. Other restrictions may also apply such as the merchandise is to be used only for prototyping or demonstration purposes and not allowed to be used commercially or in a professional or production environment.
NFSEngineeringNetwork File System - a Sun Microsystems product; allows file sharing over a network.
NHRPInternet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IPNext Hop Resolution Protocol -
NICNetwork OrganizationNetwork Information Center -
NICComputer HardwareNetwork Interface Card -
NIDSNetworkingNetwork Intrusion Detection System -
NISTStandards and Specifications, U.S. GovernmentNational Institute of Standards and Technology (nee NBS) -
NLAInternet ProtocolNext Level Aggregator - from IPv6 - NLA1, NLA2, etc. the number indicates the aggregate level
NLMNovell NetworkingNetWare Loadable Module -
NLSPNovell Network ProtocolNetware Link Services Protocol -
NMSAsynchronous Transfer ModeNetwork Management System -
NNTPInternet ProtocolNetwork news Transport Protocol -
NOCComputer OperationsNetwork Operations Center -
NOTSBuying, Electronic and Computer Military Components MarketingNATO or Niche Off The Shelf - See also COTS, COTS, MOTS, ROTS
NPBNCR Parallel SystemsNode Power Board -
NPDOrganizationNetwork Products Division -
NPLNovell NetworkingNetWare Portability Layer -
NRGMulti-Media, Networking, Services, TelephonyNetwork Resources Gateway -
NRZEInformation EncodingNon-Return to ZEro -
NSApple Mac OS X, Cocoa Programming, Next Computers, Steve JobsNext Step - Also a prefix. A programming environment using Objective C, originally invented for Next Computers [defunct] and currently (2005) part of the Cocoa framework for Mac OS X.
NSAPOSI NetworkingNetwork Service Access Point - (ISO/IEC 8348, Appendix A) an multi-part OSI network layer address (see AFI, IDI, IDP, System ID, HODSP, DSP) defined as up to 20 octets long. Contains the system ID which is 6 bytes long.
NSCOrganizationNational Support Center -
NSDBSEngineeringNorth South Data Base System -
NSELNetworkingNetwork SELector - a one-byte value which identifies a process on a router
NSFScienceNational Science Foundation -
NSMEngineeringNetwork and Systems Management -
NSPMotherboard StandardsNative Signal Processing - A scheme from Intel's Andy Grove to move all DSP functions to the CPU.
NSUNetwork EngineeringNetwork Support Utilities (Sun) -
NTComputer IndustryWindows NT ("New Technology") -
NTFSWindows NTNT File System -
NTPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPNetwork Time Protocol -
NUPIMarketingNon-unique Primary Index -
NUSIMarketingNon-unique Secondary Index -
NVPTelecommunicationsNormal Velocity of Propagation -
NVRAMComputer EngineeringNon-Volatile Random Access Memory -
NVSRAMEngineeringNon-Volatile Static Random Access Memory -
OACPCable Television, Set-Top BoxesOrigin/Access Content Peering -
OBDCDataBase EngineeringObject Data Base Connectivity -
OBINCR OrganizationOpen Buying on the Internet -
OCTelecommunications StandardsOptical Carrier in SONET -
OCCarchaic, AT&T Concept (1995Open Cooperative Computing -
OCCAarchaic, AT&T Concept (1995Open Cooperative Computing Architecture -
OCORAccountingOther Cost Of Revenue - cost of additional activity required to generate income
OCRDesk Top PublishingOptical Character Recognition -
ODBCMicrosoftOpen DataBase Connectivity - a standard for database access
ODLSun SoftwareOpaque Device LiBRary -
ODMGObject Oriented DesignObject Database Management Group -
ODSDatabase TechnologyOperational Data Store - a subject-oriented Enterprise Data Warehouse
OEMMarketingOriginal Equipment Manufacturer -
OFDMNetworkingOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing - a modulation method (for putting information into radio frequencies)
OFXWeb Authoring, XMLOpen Financial eXchange -
OHCIComputer Architecture, Computer IndustryOpen Host Controller Interface -
OLAPDatabase TechnologyOnLine Analytical Processing -
OLEMicrosoftObject Linking and Embedding - Microsoft's common object standard for inter-applications communication
OLTPDatabase TechnologyOn-Line Transaction Processing -
OMObject Oriented DesignObject Model -
OMATelecommunications NetworkingOpen Mobile Alliance -
OMACellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Wireless NetworksOutlook Mobile Access - mobile access to a Microsoft Exchange mail server.
OMGObject Oriented DesignObject Management Group -
OMLObject Oriented DesignObject Manipulation Language -
OMSManufacturingOrder Modeling System -
ONEEngineeringOpen Networking Environment -
OOObject Oriented DesignObject-Oriented -
OODSoftware EngineeringObject Oriented Design -
OOPSoftware EngineeringObject Oriented Programming -
OOSESoftware EngineeringObject Oriented Software Engineering -
OPCMarketingOperations Center - part of OneVision
OPSInternet PrivacyOpen Profiling Specification -
OPSSoftware ProductOracle Parallel Server -
OPSBusiness Rules, Information TechnologyOfficial Production System - a system in which a production is a business rule
OPSDIntel Corporate StructureOEM Platform Solutions Division -
OPSJBusiness Rules, Information TechnologyOfficial Production System for Java - uses the public domain Rete{href=#} Algorithm invented by Dr. Charles Forgy.
OQLDistributed ComputingObject Query Language -
OQSDistributed ComputingObject Query Service -
ORASIDMarketingOracle Instance IDentification -
ORBObject Oriented DesignObject Request Broker -
ORDBEmail, Internet, SPAMOpen Relay DataBase -
ORPCMicrosoft DCOMObject Remote Procedure Call - a synonym for DCOM
OSEngineeringOperating System -
OSAMulti-Media, Networking, Services, TelephonyOpen Service Architecture -
OSANCR Software ProductOperationS Advantage - graphical user interface system administration program
OSARSEngineeringOperationS Advantage BASE Remote Services package -
OSDWeb Authoring, XMLOpen Software Description format -
OSFEngineeringOpen Systems Foundation -
OSFNCR LifeKeeperOut of Service, Failed: resource has failed, LifeKeeper may be recovering -
OSIISO StandardsOpen Systems Interconnection - an area of, or series of, ISO standards which define computer interconnectivity
OSI/RMEngineeringOpen Systems Interconnect Reference Model -
OSPWorld Wide WebOnline Service Provider - a company which provides more than the basic internet, email and newsgroup connection services such as America OnLine
OSPFInternet, Network Protocols, Routing Algorithm, TCP/IPOpen Shortest Path First -
OSPF/IS-ISInternet, Network Protocols, Routing Algorithm, TCP/IPOpen Shortest Path First - Intermediate System to Intermediate System
OSSComputer Operating SystemsOperating System Specific interface -
OSUNCR LifeKeeperOut of Service Unimpaired: resource not functioning, but capable of running -
OTCOrganizationOverseas Trading Corporation -
OTLCObject Oriented DesignObject Technology Licensing Corporation -
OTOSTeradata SystemsOpen Teradata Operating System -
OTSDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemObject Time System - a linking system for libraries and Fortran IV and Fortran-77 compiler objects.
OUet al, MicrosoftOrganizational Unit - Microsoft: a container within an Active Directory Domain
OVICMarketingOne Vision Installation Utilities package -
OVPHardware EngineeringOver-Voltage Protection -
OWLSoftware EngineeringObject Windows LiBRary - object liBRary used by Borland Delphi, PowerSoft Optima and Borland C++
P2PEngineering, ManufacturingPrototype To Production -
P3PWeb AuthoringPlatform for Privacy Preferences Project -
PAOrganizationPerformance Appraisal -
PACNCR CultureProgram Approval Council -
PALEngineeringProgrammable Address Logic -
PAPNetworkingPassword Authentication Protocol -
PAP(Apple) NetworkingPrinter Access Protocol -
ParlayMulti-Media, Networking, Services, TelephonyA service API to provide programming access to telephony networks. -
PBXTelecommunications, Telephones, Telephony EngineeringPrivate Branch eXchange - a stand-alone wired telephone system that also connects to a wired (land-line) telephone service provider.
PCComputer IndustryPersonal Computer -
PC/RAEngineeringProbable Cause / Recommended Action -
PCIEngineeringPeripheral Computer Interconnect - a backplane/baseboard bus architecture standard invented by INTEL
PCMTelephonyPulse Code Modulation -
PCMCIALaptop ComputersPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association -
PCRECGI, PERL, Programming Languages, Shell ProgrammingPerl Compatible Regular Expressions -
PCSOrganizationPersonal Computer Support -
PCSCell Phones, Mobile Phones, TelecommunicationsPersonal Communications Systems -
PDAEngineeringParallel Disk Array -
pdaCellular Telephones, Computers, InternetPersonal Digital Assistant - a small hand-held computer usually connected to the internet wirelessly and using cellular telephone technology
PDBManufacturingProduct Data Base -
PDCNetwork EngineeringPrimary Domain Controller -
PDENCR Teradata SoftwareParallel Database Extension -
PDEApple Macintosh DevelopmentPrinter Dialog Extension - allows custom extension of printer interface. See Inside Mac OS X: Extending Printing Dialogs (available from Apple?)
PDFGraphics File FormatPortable Document Format - originated by Adobe Systems
PDNEngineeringPublic Data Network -
PDUNetworking; "Distributed Computing Environment"Protocol Data Unit -
PESoftware EngineeringParsing Engine -
PENCR Software PackagePresentation Engine -
PEAPEncryption, NetworkingProtected Extensible Authentication Protocol, Protected EAP{href=#$EAP} -
PEARHTML Programming, PHP programming, Web ProgrammingPHP Extension and Application Repository -
PEPSoftware EngineeringParsing Engine Processor -
PEREngineeringPersonality Board -
PERLSoftware Engineering / Computer AdministrationPractical Extraction and Reporting Language -or- Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister -
petaComputer Industrya prefix meaning trillion (10**12) or in powers of 2, 1024*1024*1024*1024 (2**40) -
PGA"chips", Integrated CircuitsPin Grid Array - the electrically conducting pins which plug into a socket, usually the pins under a CPU or processor chip.
PHPHTML, SGML, Web Authoring"PHP Hypertext Preprocessor", a recursive acronym [Is this an example of a project that exceeded it's original intentions?] PHP is an HTML preprocessor language which is embedded in HTML with special HTML{href -
PIEngineering ProcessProcess Improvement -
PICIBM PC Clone HardwareProcessor Interrupt Controller - Standard PC interrupt controller. Responsible for steering I/O interrupts to the CPU. Conforms to the Intel 8259 specification.
PICNCR EngineeringProcess Improvement Coordinator -
PICSHTML, Web AuthoringPlatform for Internet Content Selection -
PIDUNIXProcess IDentification number -
PIDMarketing, SalesProduct IDentification number -
PIIGTelecommunications, TelephonyPSTN Internet Inter-working Group -
PILNCR OrganizationProduct Introduction and Logistics -
PIMPersonal Computer SoftwarePersonal Information Manager - usually an address book or contact manager application
PIOHard DrivesProgrammed Input Output - a method for increasing IDE/ATA hard disk throughput
PIPDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemPeripheral Interchange Processor - a utility for copying information from one peripheral to another
PISNComputer Standard SpecificationPrivate Integrated Services Network -
PITEngineering ProcessPre-Integration Test -
PITADataBase, Database AdministrationPoint-In-Time Architecture - a database method of providing an audit trail. Also called Time Transaction Value (TTV).
PKINetworkingPublic Key Infrastructure -
PLANNCR 5100Public Local Area Network -
PLCHardware EngineeringProgrammable Logic Controller -
PLCCChip Types, Solid State Device PackagingPlastic Leaded Chip Carrier - a somewhat rectangular or square chip with leads on all four sides, socketed or wave-soldered to the printed circuit board.
PLEDMEngineeringPhase-state Low Electron Drive Memory - Hitachi/CambridgeU. uses transistor instead of capacitor.
PLMNTelecommunications, TelephonyPublic Land Mobile Network [e.g. GSM] -
PLPNetwork ProtocolPacket Layer Protocol -
PLTOrganizationPartner Linkage Team -
PMNCR CultureProduct Management -
PMOrganization (old)Program Management -
PMMarketingPerformance Monitor -
PMoTWWMW3C AgendaPutting Mathematics on The Web With MathMl{href=#MathML} -
PMSEngineeringProcessor/Memory/SCSI Board -
PMTOrganizationalProcess Management Team -
PNManufacturingPart Number -
PNGWeb SpecificationPortable Network Graphics - a graphics file specification
PNRpIPv6, IP, NetworkingPeer Name Resolution Protocol -
POIndustryPurchase Order -
PoCTelecommunications NetworkingPush-to-talk over Cellular -
POLARISNCR Human Resources- system for submitting business travel claims -
POP3Application Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPPost Office Protocol version 3 -
POSNetworkingPackaged Over SONET [see SONET] -
POSIXComputer Operating Systems, Computer SpecificationsPortable Operating Systems Interface - a description of the basic kernel system calls required for a UNIX OS and the concepts behind them.
POSTEngineeringPower On Self Test -
POTSTelecommunicationsPlain Old Telephone Service or Plain Old Telephone System [analog, copper pairs] -
PPPNetworkingPoint-to-Point Protocol - a high-level network protocol that uses HDLC, LCP and NCP to negotiate connections over a DTE/DCE hardware interface.
PPSManufacturing, MarketingPlant Product Systems (the central product database) -
PPTDesk Top Publishing[Microsoft] Power PoinT - most commonly a file suffix
PPTPNetworkingPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol -
PPVEngineeringProduct Platform Validation -
PQSHardware EngineeringPCI Quad SCSI - the NCR Quad (Ultra) SCSI PCI adapter board
PROrganizationPrerequisite -
PRCNCR CultureProduct Readiness Council -
PRDNCR Engineering ProcessPreliminary Requirements Document -
Pre-NNCR Engineering ProcessPreliminary Requirements Document -
predicategrammar, languagethe affirmative portion of a sentence or statement, especially when there is a qualifying condition. See LHS, RHS, EHS. -
PRIMONCR ManufacturingPRogram Information Management Owner -
PRLCDMA, Cellular, Mobile TelephonesPreferred Roaming List - a feature of CDMA mobile phones similar to MNC for GSM mobile phones and IRDB for TDMA mobile phones.
PRPEngineeringProgram Realization Process -
PRTNCR CultureProgram Realization Team -
PSEngineeringPower Supply -
PSCMarketingPower Shelf Controller -
PSDNCR Parallel SystemsProfessional Services Division -
PSIHardware EngineeringPower Subsystem Interface, Power Supply Interface Module -
PSKNetworkingPhase Shift Keying -
PSPPERL, Programming, ServersPerl Server Pages -
PSPSoftware Engineering Institute StandardsPersonal Software Process -
PSSDOrganizationPlatform Software System Division -
PSSPNCR OrganizationProduct and Solutions Services Planning - a division of WCS, Worldwide Customer Services
PSTNTelecommunications, TelephonyPublic Switched Telephone Network [aka POTS] -
PTSDatabase TechnologyParallel Transaction Server -
PUP-ESoftware PackagePackage Update-ability Extensions -
PVMBeowulf, Parallel Processing ComputersParallel Virtual Machine, Pass-through Virtual Machine -
PVRPersonal ComputersPersonal Video Recorder - name given to features of a machine or computer or video card that allows instant recording and replay of video (e.g. TV) programs, etc.
PVTSoftware EngineeringPatch Verification and Test -
pwnIntactive Gaming, slang[not an acronym] to own, destroy, capture, dominate, etc. often used as the reflexive verb as in "pwned". Reminiscent of the chess "pawn", the least powerful piece which is most often captured. -
PXEBIOS, Booting, Diskless Computers, NetworkingPre-boot eXecution Environment - a method of booting a computer from a network
QAEngineering ProcessQuality Assurance -
QAMSignal Processing, TelecommunicationsQuadrature Amplitude Modulation -
QDRComputer Memory Technology, SDRAM, Solid State DevicesQuad Data Rate -
QICHardware, Tape DrivesQuarter Inch Cartridge tape -
QICHardware, Tape DrivesQuarter Inch Cartridge tape -
QITNCR Hardware ca. 1997Quad Interrupt Controller - Resident on the Quad processor board and is designed to provide enhancements to the VIC to allow greater than 8 processors. One or two processors on the Quad board are configured as Extended VIC Processors and receive interrupts from the VIC. Thus the VIC routes interrupts from the I/O board (or other source) to the QIC and the QIC routes the interrupt to one of two processors on the Quad board. See the Quad Interrupt Controller (QIC2) Functional Specification for details.
QNCWireless NetworksQuick Net Connect - q 2nd generation circuit switched technology for wireless networks, specifically CDMA ( IS-95 ) networks. Now (2006) superceded by faster technologies such as 1xRTT and EV-DO .
QoSNetwork EngineeringQuality of Service - a specified level of throughput guaranteed by ATM (but not by fast ethernet or frame relay)
QPSKTelecommunications EngineeringQuadrature Phase Shift Keying -
RADApplications ProgrammingRapid Application Development -
RADARRADAR ElectronicsRAdio Detection And Ranging -
RADIUSNetwork ProtocolsRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service - this is a GNU{href#GNU} project. See Diameter.
RAIDHardware EngineeringRedundant Array of Independent (nee Inexpensive) Disks -
RAMComputer Memory Technology, Solid State DevicesRandom Access Memory -
RAMACComputer IndustryRandom Access Method of Accounting Control - first disk drive invented in 1956 at IBM by Reynold Johnston
RASComputer MarketingReliability, Availability, and Serviceability -
RASComputer Industry, NetworkingRemote Access Service - a local network connection to a remote computer usually via a modem or a router.
RBACAccess Control, SecurityRole-Based Access Control -
RBLEmail, Internet, SPAMRealtime Black-hole Lists - lists of WWW servers which refuse to block SPAM
RBOCTelecommunicationsRegional Bell Operating Company - aka BOC
RBSInformation Technology, ProgrammingRule-Based System - a general concept of which a BRMS is an instantiation.
RCAEngineeringRoot Cause Analysis -
RCA/CLCAEngineeringRoot Cause Analysis / Closed-Loop Corrective Action -
RCCMarketingRecovery Control Catalog -
RCERTDepartment of Defense (DOD), U.S. ArmyRegional Computer Emergency Response Team -
RDACHardware EngineeringRedundant Disk Array Controller -
RDBMSEngineeringRelational DataBase Management System -
RDFWeb Authoring, XML applicationResource Description Framework, a.k.a. Resource Definition Format - a language which describes data objects i.e. data and its access and update methods
RDMEngineeringRelease Deployment Management -
RDRAMComputer Memory chipsRambus DRAM - DRAM designed by Rambus, Inc. that runs at 600 MHz using a memory access protocol called "Direct Rambus". Rambus licenses its memory design to other chip companies.
RETEalgorithms, Business Rules, Information Technology, Programmingis not an acronym but a word in most English dictionaries. As used here, it is an algorithm to optimize rule-based systems. -
RETE2algorithms, Business Rules, Information Technology, Programminga variation of the RETE algorithm. -
RFCOrganizationRequest For Change -
RFIDComputers, RetailingRadio Frequency IDentifier -
RFPOrganizationRequest For Proposal -
RFSEngineeringUNIX Remote File System -
RHSBusiness Rules, ProgrammingRight Hand Side - the code or syntax on the right or source side of an assignment statement; the code executed when a predicate condition is false; in a business rule, the code executed when the rule is false.
RIDatabase AdministrationReferential Indicator -
RIAApplications Programming, Business Computing, InternetRich Internet Application - internet browser based applications
RIDsComputer Authentication, Computer Security, Computer User IdentificationRelative ID - domain-relative identifier, a user identifier which is unique relative to a domain or workgroup
RIMCellular Telephones, Computers, InternetResearch In Motion - a company which manufactures a sophisticated PDA called a BlackBerry
RISCEngineeringReduced Instruction Set Computer -
RJ15Telephone Line ConnectorsRegistered Jack 15 -
RJ45Telephone Line ConnectorsRegistered Jack 45 -
RJECommunications (IBM, Legacy)Remote Job Entry -
RLLDisk DrivesRun Length Limited - an information encoding technique used on disk drives. Packs 50% more information than MFM. AKA 2,7 RLL because it limits runs of zeros from 2 to 7.
RLMFEngineeringRelease Level Management Facility -
RMAManufacturingReturn of Material Authorization - document giving authorization to return a malfunctioning unit to the manufacturer
RMDDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemResource Monitoring Display - an RSX-11M DCL Command
RMIJavaRemote Method Invocation - a method in which Java objects can be invoked from other Java Virtual Machines, possibly on different hosts.
ROIFinanceReturn On Investment -
ROTSBuying, Electronic and Computer Military Components MarketingRugged Off The Shelf - See also COTS, GOTS, MOTS, NOTS
RPCSoftware EngineeringRemote Procedure Call -
RPSEngineeringRotational Position Sensing -
RRASComputer Industry, NetworkingRouting and Remote Access Service - a local network connection to a remote computer usually via a modem or a router.
RS-232Communications StandardA transmission interface standard for digital communications. It features single-ended transmission at a signal rate of up to 20 kbps and a distance of up to 15 m. -
RS-422Communications StandardA transmission interface standard for digital communications. It features balanced-line transmission at a signal rate of up to 100 kbps at a distance of up to 1200 m, or up to 10 Mbps at up to 12 m. -
RSAEncryption, SecurityRivest, Shamir and Adleman - an encryption method named with the initials of the inventors.
RSACiWorld Wide WebRecreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet a.k.a. RSAC -
RSCNCR OrganizationRegion Solutions Center -
RSGNCR OrganizationRetail Solutions Group -
RSMEngineeringReplicated Storage Management -
RSVPInternet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPresource ReSerVation setup Protocol -
RSVP/LDPInternet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPReSource reserVation Protocol - Label Distribution Protocol
RTCEngineeringReal-Time Clock [Calendar] -
RTCPNetworkingReal-time Transport Control Protocol -
RTESystem Test/BenchmarkingRemote Terminal Emulator -
RTFGraphics File FormatRich Text Format - originated by Microsoft
RTMNCR Software ProductsReliable Transport Module -
RTMEngineeringRelease To Manufacturing -
RTMP(Apple) NetworkingRouting Table Maintenance Protocol -
RTPNetworkingReal-time Transport Protocol -
RTSPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPReal Time Streaming Protocol -
RUDPInternet, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, Transport LayerReliable UDP -
RWUNetworksRemote Wake-Up -
S-CDMACommunications, NetworkingSecure-CDMA, Secure - Code Division Multiple Access
S-HTTPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPSecure HTTP -
S-TDMACommunications, NetworkingSecure-TDMA, Secure - Time Division Multiple Access
S-VHSMotion Picture EngineeringSuper VHS - an enhancement of the VHS standard that provides a better quality picture
S-videoVideo Engineeringa system for providing chrominance and luminance component of an analog video signal to provide a higher quality picture -
S.M.A.R.T.Hard DrivesSelf-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology - (self-explanatory)
S/MIMEInternet Electronic MailSecure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension -
S2Industry(a software company) -
SANetworkingService Agent - a network client that provides the location of one or more services
SANetworkingSecurity Association - an instance of a shared security policy and encryption keys
SANCR Retail Solutions GroupStore Automation -
SaaS, SAASComputer Applications, Computer Software IndustrySoftware as a Service - offering third-parth data processing services (usually through a network) without requiring the purchase, possession or licensing of the software.
SACDAudio, Compact DiscSuper Audio Compact Disk - a compact disc format for recording and playing audio. Primarily supported by Sony and Philips
SACLAccess, Computer, Permissions, SecurityService Access Control Lists -
SAISSun SoftwareSun Information Appliance Suite -
SAMOrganizationStorage and Adapter Management -
SAMSoftware ProductServer Availability Manager -
SAMMS Windowsa file suffix that means "sample" -
SANData Storage, NetworkingStorage Area Network -
SARATM Communications ProtocolSegmentation and ReAssembly -
SASAmerican Institute of Certified Public AccountantsStatement of Auditing Standard -
SASComputer Specifications, Computers, Hard Drives, Hardware InterfacesSerial Attached SCSI [Small Computer System Interface] -
SASComputer Storage, Computers, IBMSerial Attached Storage - IBM's name for their large peripheral storage boxes.
SASlComputer Authentication Computer SecuritySimple Authentication And Security Layer -
SATAComputer Specifications, Computers, Hard Drives, Hardware InterfacesSerial ATA [AT Attachment] -
SBSMicrosoft ProductsSmall Business Server -
SCASCSI cabling and connectorsSingle Connector Attachment -
SCAWireless Communications, Wireless Networking, Wireless RadioSoftware Communications Architecture -
SCBEngineeringSCSI Cable Board -
SCCSEngineeringSource Code Control System -
SCDEEngineeringStandard C Development Environment -
SCESoftware Engineering InstituteSoftware Capability Evaluation -
SCFWireless Networking, WUSBService Capability Feature -
SCIComputer ArchitectureScalable Coherent Interface, used by CC-NUMA -
SCMSoftware EngineeringSoftware Configuration Manager -
SCMWindows NTService Control Manager -
SCPLinux, Network Security, UnixSecure CoPy -
SCSIEngineering"Scuzzy" - Small Computer System Interface - a disk drive(and other devices) interface specification
SCTPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPStream Control Transmission Protocol -
ScTPTelecommunicationsScreened Twisted Pair -
SCUFirmware EngineeringSystem Configuration Utility -
SDBMarketingSymbolic Debugger -
SDCOrganizationSecurity Descriptor Definition Language -
SDDLBluetooth, NetworkingAsynchronous Connectionless Link -
SDKEngineeringSoftware Development (or Developer's) Kit -
SDLCNetwork EngineeringSynchronous Data Link Control -
SDLCSoftware EngineeringSoftware Development Life Cycle -
SDRComputer Memory Technology, SDRAM, Solid State DevicesDouble Data Rate -
SDRWireless Communications, Wireless Networking, Wireless RadioSoftware Defined Radio -
SDRAMComputer Memory Technology, DRAM, Solid State DevicesSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory -
SDSSolaris, SunSolstice Disk Suite - a volume manager for SunOS or Solaris
SDWSystems EngineeringScalable Data Warehousing -
SESCSI TerminologySingle-Ended -
SECCComputer Cases, sheet metalSteel Electrogalvanized Cold-rolled Coil -
SEEPROMComputer EngineeringSerial Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory -
SEHICabletron Systems ProductIntelligent Stackable Ethernet Hub -
SEICarnegie-Mellon UniversitySoftware Engineering Institute - based at Carnegie-Mellon University, an organization for measuring the software engineering capability and maturity of software engineering organizations
SEI CMMComputer Software IndustrySoftware Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model -
SELinuxAccess Control, Computer Security, LinuxSecurity Enhanced Linux -
SEPGNCR Engineering OrganizationSoftware Engineering Process Group -
SESACCopyright Organizations, Performance Rights LicensingSociety of European Stage Authors and Composers - Founded in 1930, SESAC is the second oldest of the three "performing rights societies" set up under U.S. Copyright Law. By the mid-1930's, American publishers outnumbered the European publishers, so the name was shortened to "SESAC, Inc."
SETElectronic CommerceSecure Electronic Transactions -
SFACorporate FinanceSimultaneous Financial Analysis -
SFPMNCR Engineering OrganizationStorage Features and Partner Management -
SFREngineeringSystem Fault Report -
SFRATI, Computer Gaming, Computer Graphics, Computer Video, NVidiaSplit Frame Rendering -
SFTPTelecommunicationsShielded Foil Twisted Pair -
SGOrganizationSystemedia Group -
SGAOracle DatabasesSystem Global Area - shared memory allocated for buffering, record locking, joins
SGCInternet CommerceServer Gated Cryptography -
SGMLWeb AuthoringStandard Generalized Markup Language -
SHANetwork ProtocolSecure Hash Algorithm - produces a 160-bit digest.
SHVElectronic Components IndustryStandard High Volume - describes components manufactured in commercial quantities
SI1997, NCR OrganizationSystems Integration - a department under GPS, General Purpose Systems
SIDComputer Networking, Mobile TelephonySystem IDentifier, System IDentification number, Security IDentifier -
SIGINTBattlespace, Defense, Intelligence, Military, SecuritySIGnal INTelligence -
SIIPS-IADBanking Computer ApplicationsScalable Image Item Processing System - Image Archive and Delivery
SIIPS-PODBanking Computer ApplicationsScalable Image Item Processing System - Proof Of Deposit
SIMCell Phones, Mobile Phones, Wireless Telecommunications: Mobile PhonesSubscriber Identity Module -
SIMDProcessor ArchitectureSingle Instruction Multiple Data stream - the capability of processing multiple sets of data with one instruction execution
SIONCR Engineering (1995 - archaic)System InterOperability -
SIOPEngineeringSystem InterOPerability -
SIOPEngineeringSCSI I/O Processors -
SIPInternet Protocols, VoIPSession Initiation Protocol - a telecommunications protocol which common to VoIP
SITEngineering ProcessSystems Integration Test -
SKEMENetworking ProtocolSecure Key Exchange Mechanism -
SLANetworkingService Level Agreement - level of service or priority of network traffic provided for a given network layer or user
SLAInternet ProtocolSite Level Aggregator - -
SLANNCR Parallel SystemsSystem Local Area Network - a LAN for connecting the AWS to a 5100C/M
SLCNCR OrganizationSoftware Leadership Council -
SLDRAMComputer MemoryA modification of Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) which uses a multiplexed bus to transfer the data bits. -
SLIPEngineeringSerial Line Interface Protocol -
SLPNetwork ProtocolService Location Protocol - discovers the existence, location and configuration of networked services in enterprise networks
SMARTATA-2, EIDE, Hard Drives, IDESelf-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology - (self-explanatory)
SMBNetworkingServer Message Block - protocol used by MS Windows to share files. Samba uses this.
SMDEngineeringStorage Module Device -
SMDSEngineeringSwitched (Dial-up) Multi-Megabit Digital Service -
SMEMarketingSmall to/and Medium [sized] Enterprise -
SMFMarketingSystem Management Facility -
SMINetworkingStructure of Management Information - a specification for SMI
SMILWeb AuthoringSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language -
SMONOracle DatabasesSystem MONitor process -
SMPComputer ArchitectureSymmetric Multi-Processor, Symmetric Multi-Processing -
SMRPMarketing, SalesSuggested Manufacturer's Retail Price -
SMSTelecommunications; Mobile/Cell PhonesShort Message Service - a means for sending short text messages to cell phones.
SMSWindows System AdministrationSystems Management Server -
SMTComputer ArchitectureSimultaneous Multi-Threading - real-time parallel processing on a CPU; Intel calls this "hyper-threading"
SMTPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol -
SNAEngineeringSystems Network Architecture - network protocol invented by IBM
SNMPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPSimple Network Management Protocol -
SNOEngineeringSuper Node Board -
SNPEngineeringSuper Node -
SOManufacturingStop Order -
SOABusiness, Information ServicesService Oriented Architecture -
SOAPHTTP, XML, XML MessagingSimple Object Access Protocol - the de facto standard for XML messaging.
SOCKSApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPSocket Secure (Server) -
SOHOComputer MarketingSmall Office / Home Office -
SOHONASASOlar and Heliospheric Observatory -
SONETNetworkingSynchronous Optical Network, the North American analog of ITU-T's -
SONET-MIBNetworkingSynchronous Optical Network - Management Information Base
SONET/SDHComputer ArchitectureSynchronous Optical Network/ Synchronous Digital Hierarchy - the modern (2002), global data transport standards
SOVDesign EngineeringSingle Operational View - user sees multiple computer resources as one computer or one system
SOWDell Certifications, Dell Computer Services, Dell ComputersStatement Of Work -
SP2Computer System Architecture, IBMScalable POWERparallel 2 - a scalable multiprocessor architecture based on a distributed memory model
sp34kblogs, Internet Gaming, odd stuff (not an acronym), slangPronounced "speek", means "speak". -
SPAMEmail, InternetSPAM - (not an acronym) unsolicited or unwanted email; junk email
SPAPNetworkingShiva Password Authentication Protocol -
SPDIFComputer or Audio Electronics Sound, Motherboards, Motion Picture Engineering, sound cardsSony/Phillips Digital Interface - a digital audio connector specification
SPENCR OrganizationServer Platform Engineering -
SPECSEngineeringSystem Problem/Enhancement Control System -
SPFNetworkingShortest Path First -
SPGNCR Engineering OrganizationSoftware Process Group -
SPINetworking RoutersSecurity Parameter Index - an IP address and an integer which identify a specific Security Association (SA)
SPINetworkingStateful Packet Inspection - a method for screening IP packets in a firewall
SPINSoftware EngineeringSoftware Process Improvement Group -
SPSSScience, Software PackageStatistical Package for Social Science - a software bundle of programs that execute statistical calculations.
SPXEngineeringSystem Performance Executive -
SQLDataBase Engineering"Sequel" - Structured Query Language
SQL/PSMDataBase EngineeringStructured Query Language / Persistent Stored Module -
SQRDataBase EngineeringStructured Query Reporting - a language associated with Brio and PeopleSoft products.
SRAMSolid State DevicesStatic Random Access Memory -
SRIOrganizationStanford Research Institute -
SRPMicrosoft Security PolicySoftware Restriction Policy -
SRSSoftware DocumentationSystem Requirements Specification -
SSNCR Global SupportSupport Sentinel -
SSNCR MarketingSales Specialist or Solutions Specialist -
SS7Telecommunications, Telephone ServicesSystem Signaling 7 -
SSAStorage EngineeringSerial Storage Architecture - similar in function to SCSI and FiBRe Channel
SSCEngineeringShared SCSI Connection -
SSCSATM Communications ProtocolService Specific Convergence Sub-layer -
SSEINTEL Computer ArchitectureStreaming SIMD Extensions - a set of 67 new instructions added to the Intel x68 CPU chips starting with the Pentium III. Also known as KNI and MMX2
SSE2INTEL Computer ArchitectureStreaming SIMD Extensions 2 - a set of 144 new instructions added to the Intel X86 CPU chips starting with the Pentium 4. The set includes on-chip 64-floating point instructions.
SSE3INTEL Computer ArchitectureStreaming SIMD Extensions 3 - a set of 13 instructions added to the Intel X86 CPU chips starting with the Pentium 4 Prescott. Curiously enough, the instructions were primarily related to mathematics and synchronizing threads.
SSHOS ScriptingSecure SHell -
SSIDNetworkingService Set Identifier - used to identify a wireless network
SSLNetwork EngineeringSecure Socket Layer -
SSMEngineeringSoftware Storage Management -
SSSEngineeringSymptom Signatures Specification -
SSTLDDR SRAM, Dynamic Memory TechnologySeries Stub Terminated Logic -
STNCR MarketingSolution Team -
STABNCR OrganizationWal*Mart Stabilization Team (in Bentonville, AR) -
STBCable Television, Digital CableSet-Top Box -
STLC++Standard Template LiBRary -
STNLCD Panels, Manufacturing and Technology, monitorsSuper Twist Nematic -
STPData Communications CablesShielded Twisted Pair(s) -
SUSComputer Operating System Portability, UNIX OSSingle UNIX Specification -
SUSIBM, SANStartUp Subsystem; System StartUp Services -
SVCEngineeringSAN(Storage Area Network) Volume Controller -
SVGGraphic Engineering, Video EngineeringScalable Vector Graphics -
SVR4ATT, UNIXSystem fiVe Release 4 - A milestone release of the AT{href=#ATT}&T UNIX{href=#UNIX} computer operating system.
SWAPHome Device EngineeringShared Access Wireless Protocol -
System IDOSI NetworkingSystem IDentifier - the part of the NDSAP which identifies the system (hardware or router), usually a MAC address.
T.120Internet Communications, Microsoft NetMeeting, NetworkingT.120 - an ITU standard consisting of a number of communications protocols and application interfaces which allow real-time multi-point audio, video and data conferencing.
T1Telecommunications StandardsNorth American level 1 Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) standard, 1.544 megabits/second -
T1-MIBTelecommunications StandardsNorth American level 1 Time Division Multiplexing (T1) Management Information Base -
T1/E1Telecommunications StandardsThe generic term for electronic signals of North American level 1 Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) -
T3Telecommunications StandardsNorth American level 1 Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) standard, 45 megabits/second -
T38FAX, Internet, T38, Telephony, VoIPT38 - a protocol specification for FAX over the internet or FoIP .
T9Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Wireless NetworksTyping on 9 keys - the use of the telephone keypad on mobile phones to enter (address) data and send text messages: 2 through 9 are letters and the space or "#" key makes nine.
TALIInternet, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, Transport LayerTransport Adapter Layer Interface -
TAPHardware EngineeringTest Access Port -
TAPSoftware ProductTape Array Plus -
TAPITelephony EngineeringTelephone Applications Programming Interface, Microsoft specification for a CTI -
TBComputer IndustryTeraByte - technically equal to 1,099,511,627,776 (1024*1024*1024) bytes, 1024MB(GigaBytes), 1,048,576KB(MegaBytes) or 1,073,741,824KB(KiloBytes); less formally, 1,000,000,000,000 bytes, 1,000,000MB or 1,000,000,000KB
TCEOrganizationTargeted Customer Environment -
TCGAccess Control, Networking, SecurityTrusted Computing Group -
TCLComputer ManufacturingTool Command Language -
TCOAccounting, MarketingTotal Cost of Ownership -
TCPInternet, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, Transport LayerTransmission Control Protocol -
TCP/IPNetwork EngineeringTransmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol -
TCPSATNetwork EngineeringTransmission Control Protocol for SATellites -
TDMTransportation IndustryTransportation Demand Management -
TDMElectronic Data Transmission ProtocolsTime Division Multiplexing -
TDMACell Phones, Wireless Telecommunications: Mobile PhonesTime Division Multiple Access -
TDPNCR Teradata EngineeringTeradata Director Program -
TDRTelecommunicationsTime Domain Reflectometry - a method of determining cable length or distance to a cable fault, especially for coaxial cable. This is also the fundamental principle used in radar.
TEObject OrientationType Enforcement -
TENCR Software ProductTOP END -
TECOrganizationTechnical Education Center -
TECUS Government?Topographic Engineering Center -
TECPhysics ResearchTime Expansion Chamber -
TECLanguage TranslationTranslational English Corpus -
TEQUELNCR Teradata Database AdministrationTEradata QUEry Language -
teraComputer Industrya prefix meaning one billion (10**9) or in powers of 2, 1024*1024*1024 (2**30) -
TESEOElectronic CommerceTechnologies and Experiments to Support Electronic cOmmerce -
TFTManufacturing and Technology, Solid State Devices; LCD Panel monitorsThin Film Transistor -
TFTPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPTrivial File Transfer Program -
TIACell Phones, Mobile Phones, TelecommunicationsTelecommunications Industry Association -
TIFFGraphics File FormatTag Image File Format -
TinyMUSHComputer GamesA MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) which uses a primitive language to create objects within the game. See MUD, MUSH. -
TKIPEncryption, NetworkingTemporal Key Integrity Protocol - used to time the periodic generation of new encryption keys.
TLAInternet ProtocolTop-Level Aggregator - part of the IPv6 Aggregatable Address
TLAMost IndustriesThree-Letter Acronym -
TLDInternet, Web, World Wide Web, WWWTop Level Domain - e.g. .com, net, .us - the letters after the last period but before any other special characters of a URI or URL .
TLINetwork EngineeringTransport Layer Interface -
TLSEncryption, NetworkingTransport Layer Security - an EAP protocol
TNLCD Panels, Manufacturing and Technology, monitorsTwisted Nematic -
TNCNetwork Access Management, Network SecurityTrusted Network Connect - Trusted Computing Group's Product. Competes with NAC and NAP
TOSNCR Teradata EngineeringTeradata Operating System -
TPCDatabase PerformanceTransaction Performance Council -
TPFInternational Business MachinesTransaction Processing Facility - IBM's high-volume, mission-critical transaction processing solution for OS/390. Concentrates on recoverability speed rather than robustness. Both transaction speed and recovery speed are very fast.
TPSEngineeringTransactions Per Second -
TRGData DiagramTransformation Graph -
TRIPInternet, Network Protocols, Routing, TCP/IPTelephony Routing over IP -
TSNCR Engineering OrganizationTechnical Support -
TSAPITelephony EngineeringTelephone Services Applications Programming Interface, Novell specification for CTI -
TSBTelecommunicationsTelecommunications Systems Bulletin -
TSMComputer Systems AdministrationTivoli Storage Management -
TSOIBM Operating SystemsTime Sharing Option -
TSOPChip Types, Solid State Device PackagingThin Small Outline Package - small chip, usually with leads on all four sides and wave-soldered to the printed circuit board.
TSRSIIPSTray Set Report -
TTVDataBase, Database AdministrationTransaction Time Value - the time when the transaction was valid or the time after which the transaction is no longer valid. A method of providing an audit trail in a database consisting of adding two times to the record, a start (valid) timestamp column and a stop (invalid) timestamp column where the stop timestamp is more recent than the start. Also called PITA.
TWIST"chips", "chips", (Apple) Networking, AccessTransaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team -
UANetworkingUser Agent - a network client which looks for the location of one or more services
UARTChips, Motherboard "Glue"Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter -
UCDMarketingUsed Cylinder Descriptor List -
UDDIHTML, Internet, WWW, XMLUniversal Description, Discovery and Integration protocol -
UDPCommunications Protocols, Ethernet, InternetUser Datagram Protocol -
UFDDEC Computers, RSX-11M Operating SystemUser File Directory - the lower level directory of the two-tier hierarchy on a PDP-11 file system. See also MFD.
UIDatabase AdministrationUnique Identifier -
UINCR CultureUnder Investigation -
UIAComputer IndustryUnion of International Associations -
UICDigital Equipment Corporation RSX-11M Operating System for the PDP-11User Identification Code - a 3-digit, zero filled octal number which is specific to a non-privileged user login. This number is also the login directory (UFD) of the user.
UIPOrganizationUnder Investigation by Plant -
UMAMotherboard StandardsUnified Memory Architecture -
UMBDOS, MSDOSUpper Memory Blocks - usually memory above 640kb, although in newer systems this boundary could be 1MB or 2MB.
UMLLanguages, Software DesignUnified Modeling Language -
UMMObject Oriented Software EngineeringUnified Modeling Language -
UMTSRadio Telephony, Wireless NetworkingUniversal Mobile Telecommunication System - a third generation cellular network used in Japan that uses W-CDMA as the underlying wireless interface.
UNCNetworkingUniversal Naming Convention -
UNIXComputer Operating SystemsUNiplexed Information and Computing Service -
UPFEngineeringUser Procedure Framework -
UPIMarketingUnique Primary Index -
UPSEngineeringUninterruptible Power Supply -
URIHTML, Internet, WebUniversal Resource Identifier - a superset of URLs
URLHTML, Internet, WebUniform Resource Locator - a subset of URIs
USIMarketingUnique Secondary Index -
UTCEngineeringUnit Test Complete -
UTPTelecommunicationsUnshielded Twisted Pair -
UUCPUNIX commandsUnix to Unix CoPy -
UWBWireless NetworksUltra Wide Band -
VAROrganizationValue Added Reseller -
VBSoftware EngineeringVisual Basic (a Microsoft programming language) -
VB CCESoftware EngineeringVisual Basic Control Creation Edition -
VBABill Gates self-promotion, MicrosoftVisual Basic for Applications -
VBITelevision Transmission SignalsVertical Blanking Interval -
VBVMSoftware EngineeringVisual Basic Virtual Machine -
VCComputer Industry, EnterpriseVenture Capital - money used to fund business startups
VCEInternet Publishing, SGMLVirtual Community Engine - online support for VCML
VCMWindows 98Version Control Manager -
VCMLInternet Publishing, SGMLVirtual Community Modeling Language - allows database lookups within HTML
VCMLsimulationVirtual Cell Math Language -
VCOEEngineeringVirtual Center of Excellence -
VCRMotion Picture EngineeringVideo Cassette Recorder -
VEGraphical User InterfaceVIrtual Environment -
VGAComputer monitors, CRTsVideo Graphics Array - a common type of computer monitor or screen
VGSSoftware EngineeringVirtual Game Station -
VHSMotion Picture Engineeringa video cassette standard -
VICNCR Hardware ca. 1997Voyager Interrupt Controller - Resident on the Voyager board and is designed to provide the distribution of interrupts from two Micro Channel sources and the processor mother board to up to 8 processors. The VIC has a built-in PIC for each processor. See the Voyager Interrupt Controller (VIC) ASIC Functional Specification 530-0006214 for details.
VLANNetworkingVirtual LAN -
VLKMicrosoftVolume License Key -
VLMNovell NetWareVirtual Loadable Module -
VLSMOSI NetworkingVariable-Length Sub-net Mask -
VMComputer Engineering, IBM SystemsVIrtual Machine -
VMTelecommunications NetworkingVoice/Video Mail -
VMEComputer Bus ArchitectureVersa Module Eurocard, Versabus Module Europe - a bus architecture pioneered by Motorola.
VNCComputer Connectivity, Computer Networks, ComputersVirtual Network Computer -
VODNetworkingVideo On Demand -
VoIPTelephony, Internet, PSTN Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over the Internet: Internet Telephony -
VPNCR ProductValue Plus [CD] -
VPCorporate OrganizationVice President -
VPNNetwork EngineeringVirtual Private Network -
VPXTelecommunications, Telephones, Telephony EngineeringVirtual Private eXchange - a Virtual PBX - a service proviced by a third party that gives the appearance and functionality of a PBX without any extra hardware at the site.
VRNetworkingVIrtual Router -
VRGraphical User InterfaceVIrtual Reality -
VRGComputer Chips, Integrated Circuits, Solid State DevicesVertical Replacement Gate -
VRGComputer Graphics, Computer Hardware, Human Vision ResearchVision Research Graphics - a company that makes hardware products for teaching and research in human vision.
VRMHardware EngineeringVoltage Regulator Module -
VRRPInternet, Network Layer, Network Protocols, TCP/IPVirtual Router Redundancy Protocol -
VSAMIBM SystemsVirtual Storage Access Method -
VSBHardware EngineeringVoyager System Bus -
VSEIBM SystemsVirtual Storage Extension -
VSELPCell Phones, Wireless Telecommunications: Mobile PhonesVector Sum Excited Linear Predictor -
VSGComputer HardwareVideo Signal Generator -
VSGComputer Hardware, Human Vision ResearchVisual Stimulation Generator -
VSGMedicine, MicrobiologyVideo Signal Generator -
VSPInternet, Telephony, VoIPVoice Service Provider - voice as in telephones, network chat
VSPNetworking, VPNVPN Service Provider - as in Virtual Private Network Service Provider
VTAMIBM SystemsVirtual Telecommunications Access Method -
VTOCDisk StorageVolume Table Of Contents -
VUEHewlett Packard SoftwareVisual User Environment -
VXMLWeb AuthoringVoice Extensible Mark-up Language -
W2KMicrosoft, Operating SystemWindows 2000 -
W3CHTML, Web AuthoringWorld Wide Web Consortium - the group which ratifies the SGML specification and its derivatives, HTML, DTD, XML and others
WAIHTML, Web AuthoringWeb Accessibility Initiative -
WANEngineeringWide Area Network -
WAPCellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Wireless NetworksWireless Application Protocol -
WAPCellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Wireless NetworksWireless Access Protocol -
WBTSMicrosoft, Network ComputersWindows-Based Terminal Server -
WCCPApplication Layer, Internet, Network Protocols, TCP/IPWeb Cache Control Protocol -
WCDMA, W-CDMARadio Telephony, Wireless NetworkingWideband Code Division Multiple Access - a third generation cellular network based on CDMA .
WCSNCR OrganizationWorldwide Customer Services -
WDSNetworking, WirelessWireless Distribution Service -
WEPEncryption, NetworkingWired Equivalent Privacy -
WFMIntel SpecificationWired For Management - enables remote (over a LAN or WAN) software and hardware management of PC
WGSTNCR OrganizationWal*Mart Global Support Team -
Wi-FiWireless NetworksWireless Fidelity - (go figure) wireless connection to the internet
WiFiWireless NetworksWireless Fidelity - (go figure) wireless connection to the internet
wiki(not an acronym) Interneta server program allowing collaborative construction or editing of a web site by means of a web browser; such a web site. -
WiMAXCellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Wireless NetworksWorldwide Interoperability for Microwave [X]Access -
WiMediaWireless NetworksWireless Media transmission via Ultra Wide Band technology. Used for set-top boxes, displays etc. -
WIN-TCPEngineeringWollongong's version of TCP/IP -
WinCLIMicrosoft Windows Software DevelopmentWindows Call-Level Interface -
WINSNetworkingWindows Internet Naming Service -
WLANNetworkingWireless Local Area Network -
WLNPCellular TelephonesWireless Local Number Portability -
WMANNetworkingWireless Metropolitan Area Network -
WMBMicrosoft Windows Networking, Windows File and Printer SharingWorkgroup Master Browser -
WMIScripting, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XPWindows Management Instrumentation -
WMLInternetWireless Markup Language -
WORAJavaWrite Once Run Anywhere -
WORMComputer EngineeringWrite Once Read Many times - a mass storage device with those properties
WPANetworkingWi-Fi Protected Access, Wireless Protected Access -
WPA-PSKNetworkingWi-Fi Protected Access - Pre-Shared Key
WPANNetworkingWireless Personal Area Network -
WPSNCR OrganizationWorldwide Professional Services (a.k.a. Professional Services) -
WSNCR OrganizationWorldwide Services -
WSDLHTTP, Internet, XMLWeb Services Description Language -
WSPCNCR OrganizationWorldwide Spare Parts Center -
WUSBNetwork Communications ProtocolWireless USB or Wireless Universal Serial Bus. See also USB. -
WWWThe Internetthe World-Wide Web -
X86INTEL Computer ArchitectureIX86 - The basic Intel architecture instruction set. Also known as ISA among erudite Intel associates.
XDMCPGraphical User Interface, Linux, UnixX Display Manager Control Protocol -
XILSun SoftwareX Imaging LiBRary -
XLLWeb Authoring, XMLeXtensible Link Language -
XMLWeb AuthoringeXtensible Markup Language, a subset of SGML -
XNSNetworking ProtocolXerox Network Services -
XORComputer ProgrammingeXclusive OR, a binary operation comparing two bits or binary digits the result of which is 0 if the bits are the same or 1 if the bits are different. -
XOTInternet, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, Transport LayerX.25 Over TCP -
XPG4Open Computing StandardsX-Open Portability Guide version 4 -
XSLWeb AuthoringeXtensible Style-sheet Language - used to specify style sheets for XML documents
XSLTWeb/Internet ProgrammingXSL Transformation -
XTIBM, Marketing, PCeXtended Technology - as in PC XT, IBM PC XT or IBM XT, released in 1983, it was the next generation of IBM
XTADisk DrivesXT Attachment - a disk drive interface specification, see ATA. XT probably taken from IBM XT
XTLAAcronyms - HumoreXtended Three Letter Acronym, or eXtended TL Annotation -
YIGAEngineeringYnet Interface Gate Array -
YMCAEngineeringYnet MicroChannel Adapter -
YMMVEmail & NewsgroupsYour Mileage May Vary -
YNETNCR Parallel SystemsY-Tree Topology Network - Used to interconnect multiple processors in NCR 3600 systems
ZAKMicrosoft ProductsZero Administration Kit -
ZAWMicrosoft WindowsZero Administration Windows -
ZENNovell NetworkingZero Effort Networks -
ZigBeeWireless Networksa wireless network standard for sensor networks and industrial control characterized by low power consumption (i.e. long battery life.) -
ZIP(Apple) NetworkingZone Information Protocol -

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