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To create automated technology that easily and pleasantly performs routine or difficult work.
To provide services and goods of the best ergonomic and technical quality available at the time.

Accordingly the services we provide are these:

Since 2005 we have associates at Computer Creations LLC in Augusta, GA, a small
business local to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).
Computer Creations supplies these services for the home, home office and small office:

We (kexsof) have professional experience with desktop platform operating system, Unix and Linux platforms.
To see a Résumé choose an online or downloaded format:

"kx" is a login, pen name, logo and business name used by this proprietor since April 11, 1996.
"coverturtle" is a login, pen name, and pseudonym used by Jon Kettenhofen since Google offered free email.
Software Aesthetics is a business name used by this proprietor since 1999.
Computer Creations - serving the CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) since 1995.
We are local to Evans, Martinez and Augusta, GA (Georgia, USA).

kx Software Aesthetics

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